Relationship between erp and bw

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relationship between erp and bw

Here is some of the main difference between ERP and SAP software: 1. ERP is a What are some SAP & ERP relationships and differences? Views. Setting up RFC Destination (SM59): This step is required to establish remote connection to the partner with which Source system is trying to. One of the major reasons for confusion between ERP solutions and BI software, is that BI software draws heavily upon the information stored in.

Maintaining Message Types WE This process is optional.

relationship between erp and bw

Generally while generating partner profiles we automatically get the respective Outbound and Inbound messages, which can be checked in T-Code WE If the message types are not defined then one can manually do it by following this process. Here one can define the source systems one wants to connect.

Test the connections on the same.

relationship between erp and bw

In the RFC destination, you specify all the information necessary to log on to the remote system to execute functions remotely, including the host name, the user ID, the password, the client, the system number, and additional communication settings.

This process will replicate a similar setting in BW side automatically. Please note that Distribution of data model is not needed to be repeated in BW side as this step automatically replicates settings in BW.

relationship between erp and bw

Next, one is taken to following screen where one can define the partner system id and the user that communicates. After this Execute and wait for the system messages which inform whether partner profile was successfully created or not.

Communication Setting between BW and ECC

Hence the partner profile was successfully generated… Now logon on to the BW system and go to T-Code BD64 and test the partner profile settings, whether they are correctly transmitted or not. We can execute it here in BW also and get our settings tested.

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This means that from the moment the order is taken to the time it lands with your customer; the entire business knows where it is and what is happening with it. Firstly, we should consider what is business intelligence? It helps decision makers make better informed decisions to guide the business.

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One of the major reasons for confusion between ERP solutions and BI software, is that BI software draws heavily upon the information stored in your ERP system, yet has the primary objective of analyzing this information. With a history dating back to the s, the very idea of BI software has been thrown around for over years. Feeding on the information stored in your ERP software system, a BI solution will take this data, analyze it and present it back to you in an actionable and easy to interpret format.

Dashboards, reports and key sales information are fed back to the business in a manner that can actually be used, rather than being locked away within the ERP software, never to see the light of day. The difference between ERP solutions and BI software Businesses today are incredibly data rich but most never really know how to action this data and make it useful.

This is precisely where BI software can step in and take a weight off when it comes to the analysis of data stashed in your ERP system. While of course doable, trying to analyze the information stored in your ERP software will lead to more Excel spreadsheets, pivot tables and macros than you can shake a stick at.

Difference between SAP ECC system and SAP BW system?

BI software is your number cruncher. They are two very different things, with different objectives and end games for your business. An ERP will keep you organized and everyone reading off the same page, where BI software will make you proactive in your selling and forward thinking in the way you approach your customers.

A true match made in Cloud heaven, the pairing of these software solutions will bring together all of the information you care about and present it to you in one intuitive platform to make faster and better-informed business decisions.

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In comparison, Business Intelligence is not quite as archaic as some ERP software systems, but is something relatively new to the tech arena, relying wholly on ERP and back office data to work. As you can see, the difference between BI software and ERP systems is really rather large, so I hope this has cleared up a few things. We would love to hear what you think too. Have you considered BI software? What are your thoughts on ERP software?

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