Relationship between human resource management and organizational development

The Relationship Between Human Resource Management and Organization

relationship between human resource management and organizational development

Describe the relationship between OD & HR. Topics >>; HRM >>; Organizational Development - Human Resource Management /31/ «Previous · Next». Organization Development and Human Resources In my view, OD has more in common with leadership and management theory than it. HR development, or HRD, has a more forward-looking role. In a large organization, HRM and HRD functions will be carried out by different professionals.

They are anxious about ensuring fair returns for shareholders, but not at the expense of the legitimate interests of other stakeholders.

Describe the relationship between OD & HR.

Technology advances on all fronts: Customer expectations of service and product: They want everything better, cheaper, faster, but at the same time they want a voice in how this happens. They want to know, for instance, that the supply chain is sourced responsibly along its entire length. Business education of managers and leaders: The HR lens All the trends listed above can be addressed from a formal or policy perspective, ie from the remit of a traditional HR practitioner.

Take the employment trend, for example: This means providing a range of working possibilities: Each one of these needs policy or guidance notes, payroll code work, job design and description input, manager training, and a strategy around how best to operate the many possibilities so that people get what they want and need, but so that organisational performance and business continuity are not jeopardised.

The prevailing view seems to be that transformational work is of higher value than transactional work, meaning that HR practitioners feel they should move up the food chain from transactional work to transformational work.

The thing is that transactional work still has to be thought through, codified, monitored, and so on if the transformational is really going to make a difference.

Two already discussed are OD and HR practitioners, the third is the line manager responsible for motivating and managing people day to day. Think of the three parties as each having a particular sphere of expertise. They use the expertise either more or less independently, or in partnership with one of the other parties, or with both other parties simultaneously. The graphic below illustrates. Naomi Stanford, This model could be operated in one of five ways.

relationship between human resource management and organizational development

HR and OD seen as one unit with people having skills in both consulting and HR technical areas and working in both spheres. OD at the heart of HR Deep expertise: HR people and OD people may be reporting to different unit heads.

The Relationship Between HR & HRD Functions in a Large Organization |

Line areas draw on HR or OD consultants on an as-needed basis from central pools. Combination of some of the above. This model illustrates that the three parties can each bring their own specific skill-sets to a given situation and address it in a way that strengthens rather than undermines each other.

It does mean, however, that the roles of the three parties have to be clear, and the different skills apparent and acknowledged. In a business change situation where a problem or opportunity surfaces that needs to be addressed at a whole systems level there is at least a two-way relationship between OD and line managers, and often a three-way partnership between HR, OD, and the line.

relationship between human resource management and organizational development

The question remains whether real OD insight and skills need to sit at the heart of HR if HR is to equip itself to become a really strategic function driven by a proactive response to business intelligence, or whether OD and HR are two separate and distinctive disciplines. The model implies that skilled OD consultants play a significant strategic role in helping position businesses to be and remain competitive in a constantly changing environment.

Notice this rarely happens the other way round. Neither is it fair to expect people to retrain or retool to one or other discipline if it is not something they want to do.

relationship between human resource management and organizational development

What is Human Resources? Historically, Human Resources professionals were primarily concerned with the efficient management of the employment process from recruitment to termination. HR also focused on helping the organization comply with governmental regulations and in mitigating employment-related risks.

The Relationship Between HR & HRD Functions in a Large Organization

Thus, HR found itself acting in a support role to the other business units. And, HR was very process-and-compliance-oriented in its thinking. What is Organizational Development?

relationship between human resource management and organizational development

Organizational developmenton the other hand, was created as a way of applying behavioral science to help organizations improve individuals and systems. At its heart, OD is supposed to represent purposeful and meaningful change for the better. An OD practitioner uses two primary tools in his or her work: Instead, they are interested in data and research.

Here is a partial list of the different roles that were frequently handled by HR and OD in the past: Organizational Development sought to: This advice has taken root in many companies, and the focus on creating a strategic HR department is now quite common.

In fact, we see most companies talking about strategic HR as opposed to supporting an internal OD department. I am not necessarily sure why the notion of a strategic HR function has proven to be more popular within the business community.

My own personal theory is that HR professionals were always receptive to the contributions OD was making. With the new mandate that they offer strategic advice, it was natural that HR professionals would turn to OD as source of inspiration and solutions.

relationship between human resource management and organizational development

Now that the lines are blurred, the real question is what should the OD community do about it? Should we go back to a world with more rigid boundaries? HR professionals have already shown they are ready to merge the two functions. But, is that necessarily the right answer?