Toni and guy hair meet wardrobe thailand time

Emmad's Lounge: Mark Hampton-Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe-Exclusive Interview

toni and guy hair meet wardrobe thailand time

TONI&GUY HAIR MEET WARDROBE. Introducing Mr. Grit Jirakiertivadhana as Thailand's Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Stylist After taking some time to find. Dec 30, - Rent from people in Thailand from €17/night. Find unique places to stay with local hosts in countries. Belong anywhere with Airbnb. I have driven the backroads from here to Chiang Mai many times, a nine hour . The vast majority of the police you will see and meet are traffic cops and they . Most mirrors on bikes are used for checking zits, hair and applying . that in my current extensive wardrobe is not to be mentioned on this blog.

A very Thai solution. We have a local roundabout where giving way to the right is a mystery or the biggest vehicle has priority rule applies. In Udon Thani at rush hour the roundabouts are a test of nerve and bluff.

Driving in Thailand | Tony in Thailand

I have seen the police set up their checkpoint actually in the roundabout, which adds an extra challenge to traffic flow. Mae Salong, a Chinese village in the north of Thailand. Turn Left at Traffic Lights Thailand treats you as an adult in this situation.

In Australia you can be sitting at red traffic lights with a clear and safe opportunity to turn left but you have to wait until the lights turn otherwise I am sure there will be a camera to catch you out. Here you can turn left at your risk. You might also come across traffic lights flashing yellow or red.

In either situation you can go through the intersection with care. If you have the yellow lights then you are supposed to have priority but never count on it. I have sat at lights in Australia late at night I was that sort of party animal back then with nothing in sight waiting for it to cycle through all the variations before I was cleared to go. Ambulances When I first moved to Isaan I was amazed at the number of ambulances with flashing lights I saw on the road and started to think that I must have chosen a very dangerous place to live.

I was also a little concerned by how slowly they were travelling and how little priority they were given by other vehicles. I decided that they must just be staff trying to get to lunch that much quicker, always a priority with any Isaan person.

However I am pleased to learn that there are two levels of ambulance travel you will spot. To explain you have to understand a little of the Thai public medical system. Hospitals are layered with the more basic ones at village and small town level up to the major hospitals in the cities such as Udon Thani or Khon Kaen, which is where my step daughter Peng has her major operation covered HERE.

In theory you are supposed to work your way up the chain depending on the severity of your condition. The initial assessment will be done at your local hospital and if you need more specialised care you will be transferred to the next level up and so on. They are a taxi service with lights.

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The ambulances with lights and sirens that are looking like they are urgently on a mission are just that. They are the real deal and are given some priority attention by the traffic. U Turns Most dual carriageway roads have a central verge or concrete wall that separates you from the traffic coming the other way, which is probably a good thing.

The only downside is that if you want to turn right you have to wait for a designated U Turn point where there is a space in the barrier. However you will sometimes find a big back-up of cars, trucks and bikes waiting to turn and there maybe two or more vehicles at the front row when it is only supposed to be one.

It can be all a bit exciting but as always take your time and make a sensible decision and all will be well. Mainly because of this system you may sometimes come across cars and motorbikes travelling against the traffic on your side of the road. It is less likely on the major and very busy roads but it will happen. The reason for this often is that these people were travelling on the opposite side of the road and then wanted to turn left from your point of view and it is quicker to go against the traffic than make an official U Turn.

The diagram below illustrates and also demonstrates what happens when you work in government for too long as I did. If you are on road B and want to get to the small exit on road A you can either go all the way down to the U Turn point at 2 and then travel back or of course turn at U Turn 1 and cut across to your exit saving time and making sure you are eating sooner.

I designed my house in Excel, an underrated graphics programme. This head on traffic can upset some farang because based on the traffic laws in their own country this would be illegal.

However in all the instances I have come across this maneuver has presented no problems. The vehicles are usually well over in the bike lane and not travelling fast. An angry farang set in his ways is far more dangerous on the roads than most Thai driving situations. Gaun got out of the car in this situation and pulled the cow to one side.

I never wear a watch and my ETA is whenever I get there. Why risk my wonderful life in Thailand with a slightly risky overtake when a safer opportunity will arrive shortly? Traffic going slowly — who cares. Turn up the music and enjoy the scenery. In urban areas large or small I travel slowly as there is often a lot happening on the roads.


Driving through my home village I am well aware of young kids, chickens, dogs, motorbikes, farm vehicles and buffalo all of which can unexpectedly make an appearance onto the small sois. Add monks to the mix too. I would hate to think what would happen if you took out a monk. Try it out here even if you are just visiting.

Thai-time can be frustrating but once you adapt it is a far less stressful way live your life. Motorbikes Motorbikes WILL turn into the road without looking your way so please be aware of the possibility at every road entering on the left.

They usually keep well to the left and are inside your projected path. It just is it can be a surprise sometimes to see it happen. Meeting something like this would be a surprise too! Driving at night is more challenging as there are few street lights and a lot of bikes seem to have broken rear lights making it hard to spot them.

Farm equipment also often have no lights a torch to see where they are going so you need to be aware of vague movement in the bike lanes at night. Make sure you have good headlights. Unlicenced so for moo ban use only. Bikes will flow around you when you are stopped at traffic lights. No matter how cluttered it all looks before the lights turn green it all works itself out. Let them go first and cha cha works best.

Other Stuff Driving Licence Do make sure you have an international driving licence if you are moving here permanently. The Thai licence is for an initial two years and if you survive that they will renew it for five years. Very cheap to get. Always carry the licence with you as it can be used as a general form of ID it has your address on it and you will be asked to produce it by police on a regular basis. You can also use it to prove you are an expat resident rather than a tourist and that can help sometimes by getting you into places that charge farang a premium price — not always but worth a try.

Part of our backroad trip to Nan, a city in the far north of Thailand. Car Camera Buy one day one. Heaps of choice under 1, baht. If you are involved in an accident it would be really helpful to have a visual record of what happened rather than rely on Thai witnesses. The video I shared above was taken on mine, which has an internal lens as well as the road one.

Advanced Education

There are the small PT gas stations in bright green that are everywhere in Thailand. Both are great resources for the traveller. One of the big ones.

toni and guy hair meet wardrobe thailand time

They are well maintained and the toilets are clean. Amazon cafes are always nicely landscaped and offer a peaceful break from driving. Their coffee is more expensive but better than the average. Most of the local gas stations have toilet facilities, good and bad, so if you do get caught short drop in. Road Numbering Generally the higher the road number the worse the road. The main national highways are numbered very low 1 or 12 for example. The next level may still be dual carriageways such as the or just a reasonable single road like the one to our home the Generally the road system in Thailand is excellent, unless you get really back into the backwaters.

Away from the main centres the traffic levels are low and the road surfaces are pretty reasonable. There are almost no overtaking lanes on single lane roads except in hilly areas but I find there are usually lots of straight sections where overtaking if required can be done safely. The scenery is interesting and you are often slowing to go through small moo bans villages that break up the trip off the main highways of course.

A backroad to Chiang Dao outside Chiang Mai. Low Gear I made comment at the very beginning of this post about the challenges hills pose to some Thais. The road going to the main temple grounds is VERY steep and thus it would place a heavy strain on the cars transmission.

Since I have an automatic car, I turned around about half way to the main temple grounds and we got the service of one of the temple service trucks to take us to the main temple grounds. The final climb to this temple is a steep one but we did it at the time in an automatic Mazda 2 and we got up there without too much strain on the transmission. We are taking a friend there early October so I will report back if we make it.

Driving in Thailand

Gaun starting to learn to drive in the Mazda. Note the camera under the rear vision mirror. And now in the pick-up. I have probably missed things that I will think of later. So may update this post from time to time. A couple of other posts you might find interesting: The calf came close to wiping out a bicycle being ridden by an elder. An even greater disaster was averted as I had just stopped at the local noodle shop to buy some beer and you can hear the bottles falling over as I quickly slowed.

Mark Hampton at Rukiyas. I met yet another successful man, vey energetic, witty, hilarious and at the same through professional, and above all a great human being. Sitting at Rukaiya,s and waiting for Mark to get settled as he had just arrived to the saloon from his hotel and all at once started grooming models for the show.

My eyes glued on his activities, finding the secrets of his success in his communication and formal interaction with models and saloon staff. Finally I was given the green signal for the interview, and went into direct communication with Mark. Politely and with a genuine smile Mark made an introductory remark that we would manage our colloquial talk while working as he had to prepare models for the show. Mark Hampton while grooming models giving instructions to the staff.

I have tried to be as genuine and nature as i spoke to Mark during the interview, reason of putting his thoughts exactly the sane here mean to give you the over all picture of his personality so that if you have not met him as person you can collect good enough information about him and can conclude what qualities this man possesses. How does it feel like to be a Global ambassador for a Band at the age of 28 years? Working as a Toni and Guy,s Global ambassador is itself a great thing to have.

And working for different fashion brands and touring different countries is an additional fun. I love such pleasure plus working side to side on what I always wanted to do. There must be some other nominations for this post too, what do you think what clicked to the judges in you that they approved your name.

And I think the jury picked in me was the hard working spirit in me, because I have been working hard since the age of What do think what were the other qualities they saw in you and which other nominees didn't have?

From the very begging i have always been helping others, assisting the people and being friendly to them. Since you travel a lot, which one country you like most and wish to visit over and over?

toni and guy hair meet wardrobe thailand time

There are millions of opportunities, skyskyper buildings and great working environment. It's great going to NY. And besides NY I like Thailand too. Why attracts you most in Thailand?

Thailand is good for holidays, beautiful landscapes, great tourist sites and great fun! What kind of food do you like? Healthy, I normally eat salad and vegetables, because they are good for health. Sometime I do eat junk food like fries and fried food but I think the greens are the best for body and mind?

Since you have spent your all life in England, any city or part of the country you like most? I used to live in north before, but south is the most i like in England and its my current resident now! When I was in north there used t be an Asian restaurant and we friends would go and eat there.

It's name was something "Nimara". What was your reaction when you were told that you would visit Pakistan for the new assignment? I had few friends in England who had come to pakistan, so I was excited to come.