What is the relationship between holiness and sanctification of spirit

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what is the relationship between holiness and sanctification of spirit

In the text, sanctification of the Spirit is conjoined with belief of the truth. I. ELECTION IS II. ITS DESIGN. 1. To produce holiness of thought, word and deed. 2. The Spirit infuses you with the passion to take part in what God is doing. The New You The Holy Spirit sanctifies you by giving you the holiness of Jesus. This inner change is not what restores one's relationship with God; Christ did that. The New Testament reveals that the Holy Spirit has the attribute of holiness for sanctification (1 Holiness and sanctification both refer to an element that is holy .

A process is going on to make us holy. This process is sanctification. Therefore, to have holiness is to have the element, and to undergo sanctification is to be in the process of being made holy.

John Owen - The Holy Spirit and Sanctification

Furthermore, sanctification may also denote the practical effect produced, the character and activity, and the resultant state of being sanctified to God Rom. I believe that the reason for this is that in the New Testament the emphasis is not only on the Spirit but also on holiness. The Spirit has the attribute of holiness and even is holiness. Therefore, the Holy Spirit is sometimes called the Spirit, the holy. Where the Spirit is, there holiness is also. The all-inclusive Spirit dwells in us with a condition, a state, of holiness.

The Spirit Crafts a New You

The Spirit Himself is the essence, the very substance, of holiness. It is in this process of letting go of what you were, letting go of the unsanctified, un-enhanced Old You, that the New You works with the Spirit.

Here is where the spiritual disciplines and practices are a help. God wants you to do what you're responsible for; God wants you to deal with life as far as you can.

what is the relationship between holiness and sanctification of spirit

Unless you do, you'll spiritually shrinkand the New You wouldn't really be you. God wants you to learn how to work with the Spirit. God's work happens not only to you, but through you -- God wants you to take part in that work. When the Spirit shows you something from your devotions and disciplines and such, something else comes with it: Thus, God-pleasing spirituality is not an escape.

Sanctified by the Spirit

God won't allow it. If spirituality is used to escape action or real thinking, then it misses the whole point. Christian spirituality is about changing us into citizens of the Kingdom who live in this life as Christ's followers. The Reformation era had some rather extreme spiritualists. Some were dualists and synergists.

How does the Holy Spirit sanctify human beings?

For instance, Karlstadt claimed that Scripture wasn't really needed, just the Spirit's inner voice telling us of what is good. This gives us enough of a role to enable its ultimate failure. Muntzer said that those who didn't have such inner discernment were of the devil. Such a stark divider between good and evil is the mark of a dualist. They saw salvation as a process of actions which make us become ever more like God. Synergists believe that human beings have a limited but nonetheless natural -- not Spirit-given -- capacity to work with God to make themself holy.

For them, the Spirit helps us to make ourselves like Christ in this life.

Sanctification and Holiness

This makes salvation at least partly into a work of the human will rather than solely a free gift of grace from the only One who is able to sanctify - God. Synergism may convey what a person senses is happening to them, but it does not convey what is actually happening.

It's what inner change looks like from where we're sitting. But we're too close to what's going on to be able to see the real picture.

what is the relationship between holiness and sanctification of spirit

To get beyond this, we must get outside of ourselves, and into the full Scriptural vision of what God is working toward. Luther went a very different way from Karlstadt or Muntzer.

what is the relationship between holiness and sanctification of spirit

For example, the "fruit of the Spirit" is the natural product of the Holy Spirit when there is a living relationship between God and the Believer Gal 5: The nine different qualities of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are considered a singular unit and pertain to one's relationship with God, his fellow man and himself.

Because It produced the Bible 1 Pet 1: The Holy Spirit helps sustain Believers during burdens and disappointments through intercession and prayer Rom 8: It is why Believers are exhorted to pray "in the Sprit" Eph 6: In making all Believers one by the Spirit 1 Cor To this community of Believers, the Holy Spirit bestows spiritual gifts 1 Cor