8 of pentacles relationship goals

Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

8 of pentacles relationship goals

Look for the 8 of Pentacles, which assures that your hard work will yield your Eight of Pentacles lands in the present position, you are working hard toward a goal. This indicates that you are willing to work hard at saving your relationship . The Eight (VIII) of Pentacles - The Skilled Master Keywords Success, Commitment, He needed to review his plan or goal to determine if he was still on track and When it comes to relationships The Eight of Pentacles suggests that you are. When it comes to love and relationships, the Eight of Pentacles tarot is a good sign that because he has no plans or goals for the relationship.

The letter told him that his investment was no more. His money, all his money gone. This was a nightmare, unbelievable. He had no money, no job and no savings. There was always the Social Welfare but he was too proud to go there. He was not the type who had to take hand-outs from others. What would people think of him if they saw him standing in a queue with all the other jobless people?

No, that was not for him. He would get by somehow or other like he always did. This was his idea of hell. He walked out onto the street, with just the clothes he was standing up in. It had begun to snow and there was a biting cold wind. The dreadful thing was, he had nowhere to go. As darkness fell the streets emptied except for those like him, who had nowhere to go.

He was hungry and thirsty but had no money to buy food or drink.

Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card and its Meaning

He was ashamed to be seen in such a disgraced and ruined manner. As he stumbled on through the night, getting weaker and colder, he thought for the first time of all the beggars and down-and-outs he had seen over the years. Now he saw things differently. However, he too was on the street, down-and-out with the rest of them.

He had never stopped to offer them money or food in the past. She wrapped a warm blanket around him and gave him a hot drink and some bread. Back at the shelter, they took his details before bringing him to a room where there were several beds. The beds were separated by curtains for privacy.

Eight of Pentacles as how he wants relationship to go. - Aeclectic Tarot Forum

The volunteer girl told him to get some rest and that they would talk more in the morning. Who were they, he thought? Were they beggars, the chronic homeless, down-and-outs, alcoholics or were they people like him? People who had recently fallen into bad luck, people whose circumstances had suddenly changed for the worse? He made a vow never to judge others again for terrible things can happen to anyone. He was then taken by vehicle to another building where he met with a man who took more details from him.

He asked about his circumstances and if he had ever worked. He told him that he needed to register with Social Welfare and then they would look through whatever employment there was to be found that might suit him.

Unfortunately, he doubted if there would be any Stone Masonry work going.

8 of pentacles relationship goals

There was nothing suitable for him but they did come up with something else. The Scheme would provide training, mentorship and a start-up grant to successful candidates. The only draw-back was that funding was only for horticulture. He would work really hard and make them proud of him. His heart still lay in Stone Masonry but he was a practical man and knew that for the moment, he would have to put that to one side.

Eight of Pentacles as how he wants relationship to go.

One day, when circumstances improved he would go back to it and take up where he left off. Right now he was being given a chance to get out of his dire financial mess. He was going back to work and would give this new project everything he had. His money and all he had possessed was gone. But for the charity of these wonderful people and many more like them, he might be gone too.

He relished the idea of getting back to work and stuck into the job at hand. He would make a success of this and would be very careful not to put all his eggs in one basket like he did the last time. All that money he had and never the chance to enjoy it. He realised now that there was more to life than just money. His job was to clear a plot of land and grow a crop of Pentacles from seedlings. He would have to learn the whole process of cultivating and growing these profitable crops.

Again, he had mentors and advisors who monitored his progress. He had made some good friends at the job centre and homeless shelter. Some came and helped out clearing the land and even though he worked hard day and night, he did try to keep in touch with them even though they complained they never saw him anymore. He would never forget his time on the street and the hopelessness of poverty. He grew stong and healthy working on the land and developed a deep love for farming. It was a great success and he was rewarded well for his efforts.

No longer on Social Welfare or under the watchful eyes of his mentors, he was free to take on contracts and began to act as a Consultant for Pentacle Growers. The money began to pour in again and bit by bit he managed to get back on his feet. He bought a small house in the countryside and ran his business from the back bedroom. He was kept busy and always seemed to be working in one form or another. Now that he was financially secure again, he began to think of his Stone Masonry days.

There was the ruin of an old cottage on his land and he decided that he would restore it himself and use it as a building for facilitating Horticulture Workshops. We have journeyed far today to observe a Master at his work and hopefully get an interview out of him. He is engraving the stone with a perfect Pentacle.

8 of pentacles relationship goals

He seems older than the last time we met him. His face has filled out and his body too. His hair is beginning to softly grey in areas but he looks more relaxed in himself, happier I think. Here is a man who feels his work on a deep level.

This is not a job to this man. Oh to hear your calling, to know it and to follow it. I draw him back by asking what it is he is working on? The order is to be completed and delivered by early next week. If you are still in education, it can indicate being offered a scholarship or achieving qualifications.

The Eight of Pentacles as Feelings in a Love Reading

If you are already in business, the quality or craftsmanship of your work and your attention to detail will earn you a great reputation and trade will flow. This will be achieved by hard work, dedication and diligence. In a financial context, the Eight of Pentacles is also a good omen as it signifies rewards for hard work, success and achievement. All the hard work you have previously put into your financial planning should now be paying off and you should be quite comfortable financially.

This card also tells you to use some of your financial success to help those less fortunate.

8 of pentacles relationship goals

You are paying attention to your health and what your body needs and showing a lot of self-discipline. If you have been working to develop your spiritual gifts you should find that the past effort you have put into your spiritual development is starting to pay off as you begin to achieve a new level of mastery of your gifts.

Reversed Meaning Guide In a general context, the Eight of Pentacles Tarot card reversed can indicate laziness, idleness, carelessness, lack of effort or poor concentration. Alternatively, it can indicate focusing on one area to such an extreme that you neglect the other areas of your life such as being mean and materialistic and neglecting your love life or family life or your soul.

Lack of ambition, respect or confidence can all be signified by this Minor Arcana card in reverse. It can also signify letting workaholic tendencies have an adverse effect on your relationship. When this Minor Arcana card appears, boredom and complacency may be setting in. If you are single, the Eight of Pentacles reversed can indicate that you may be lacking in confidence when it comes to meeting new people. It can also indicate that you are not putting the effort into meeting new people, which may be leaving you feeling bored and listless.

Again, it can also be an indication that you are putting too much focus on work and neglecting your romantic side. If you want to meet someone special, you need to put some time and effort in the romantic side of life and get yourself out there.

8 of pentacles relationship goals

Things will probably not be going well in a work context when it appears. If you have applied for a new job or promotion, it can indicate an unsuccessful application and that you may lack the qualifications you need to get the job. Laziness, idleness, lack of focus and poor concentration are also represented by the Eight of Pentacles reversed.

If you are in business, it can be a warning not to let your standards slip as it represents shoddy workmanship, poor quality, botched work or rush jobs and can represent getting a bad reputation or losing trade through mediocrity.