A divides b relationship

Example 5 - R = {(a, b) : 2 divides a-b} is equivalence relation

a divides b relationship

Given: Two odd numbers a and b. Prove: a+b is even. From definition of odd number, a=2n+1 and b=2k+1 for integers n, k. a+b = 2n+1+2k+1 = 2n + 2k+ 2. Figure given below shows a relationship between the steps P and Q. Write this relation (i) in Let R be the relation on A defined by {(a, b): a ∈ A, a divides b}. 5 Set Theory Exercise 1; 6 Relationships between Sets .. On the left, the sets A and B are disjoint, because the loops don't overlap. . like 'add', 'subtract', ' multiply' and 'divide', so we can combine two sets to form a third set in various ways.

a divides b relationship

Points inside the rectangle represent elements that are in the universal set; points outside represent things not in the universal set. You can think of this rectangle, then, as a 'fence' keeping unwanted things out - and concentrating our attention on the things we're talking about.

Other sets are represented by loops, usually oval or circular in shape, drawn inside the rectangle. Again, points inside a given loop represent elements in the set it represents; points outside represent things not in the set.

On the right A is a subset of B, because the loop representing set A is entirely enclosed by loop B. Worked Examples[ edit ] Venn diagrams: Note that the rectangle representing the universal set is divided into four regions, labelled i, ii, iii and iv. What can be said about the sets A and B if it turns out that: So A is a subset of B, and the diagram should be re-drawn like Fig 2 above.

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The diagram should then be re-drawn like Fig 1 above. Example 2 a Draw a Venn diagram to represent three sets A, B and C, in the general case where nothing is known about possible relationships between the sets. In each case, the Venn diagram can be re-drawn so that empty regions are no longer included.

a divides b relationship

If region ii is empty, the loop representing A should be made smaller, and moved inside B and C to eliminate region ii. If regions ii, iii and iv are empty, make A and B smaller, and move them so that they are both inside C thus eliminating all three of these regionsbut do so in such a way that they still overlap each other thus retaining region vi.

a divides b relationship

If regions iii and vi are empty, 'pull apart' loops A and B to eliminate these regions, but keep each loop overlapping loop C. Drawing Venn diagrams for each of the above examples is left as an exercise for the reader. Example 3 The following sets are defined: The technique is as follows: Draw a 'general' 3-set Venn diagram, like the one in Example 2.

Go through the elements of the universal set one at a time, once only, entering each one into the appropriate region of the diagram.

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Re-draw the diagram, if necessary, moving loops inside one another or apart to eliminate any empty regions. Don't begin by entering the elements of set A, then set B, then C — you'll risk missing elements out or including them twice!

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a divides b relationship

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