Communication problems in a relationship

Top 10 Causes of Relationship Communication Problems |

communication problems in a relationship

A marriage can function well when the communication between the couples is healthy. This article lists top 10 causes of relationship communication problems. Relationship Problem: Communication. All relationship problems stem from poor communication, according to Elaine Fantle Shimberg, author. Communication problems often lead to relationship issues, which is no great surprise. If you can't communicate with your partner, how can you cultivate a sense.

Remember good times you had and look into future for the good times you will have. Spending time together is what relationships are all about. Go out and make something interesting together. Be creative and choose activities that will make you both feel good. For example, instead of a typical visit to a restaurant, go to a gallery or visit a fair. Distractions can not only make it easier for you to communicate but give you reasons for communication seeing as how new experiences will give you something to talk about.

What does it mean? It means that you and your partner should agree on doing something you are both interested in regularly. It can be anything you want as long as you and your partner are okay about it. For example, have a bicycle ride each Wednesday or visit a concert each Friday. The important thing is to always look forward to these rituals.

communication problems in a relationship

When one partner does not feel like doing it the other one should remind him about the agreement. Your own rituals or traditions can make your communication skills more effective because you two will be regularly involved in a mutually interesting activity.

Think of it as training. Only instead of training your muscles you work on your communication skills. In case with a bicycle ride you can even do both at the same time. Seek Counseling Depending on the intensity and quantity of your problems, you should consider visiting a psychiatrist.

communication problems in a relationship

Now, some people do not even consider this possibility out of principle. A lot of couples do not wish to seek professional help because it makes their problems feel more real. In reality, though, most people nowadays experience stress and depression but prefer dealing with it alone. Professional help can give an objective view from aside and bring solutions which neither of the partners can come to because of their individual perspectives.

There is nothing shameful about asking for help, especially when it can be very useful. Even two loving people need their own private space and time as well.

Communication issues appear what partners either spend too little time with each other, or too much time. It is highly advisable to avoid these two extremes. Try to be moderate. Allow your partner to be alone sometimes and ask for company at some other occasions.

communication problems in a relationship

Demand same treatment for yourself. People who love each other also need to rest from each other. Personal borders are natural psychological defense mechanism which every individual has. Otherwise, you slip into the issues of ownership and possession.

Remember that serious long-term relationship require you accept responsibility and make a commitment. It means dealing with challenges and not running away from them.

It is a process that needs time and effort. Therefore, be enthusiastic and hopeful. Be more mature about the way you face your challenges. Dealing with problems makes you and your relationships stronger.

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On the contrary, avoiding problems and running away from them decreases your chances of success. Effective communication in relationships is unachievable without your complete devotion and faith. Listen Attentively If you want to understand your partner and communicate effectively, you need to listen.

Never ignore your partner and never interrupt or switch attention to yourself.

communication problems in a relationship

When you listen, do it with realization and be attentive to what your partner wants to say. The subject may also seem inappropriate to you or you can just be not in the right mood. Remember that you are not strangers to each other. Only strangers on the street ignore each other. Being close you should never shut down and avoid your partner. You should also disallow your partner to avoid you. Harsh words make it difficult to hear the real meaning behind the message.

After all, most people go on the defensive if they feel accused. Try to speak more gently and see what happens. Hiding feelings Being honest about your feelings is the heart of good communication.

9 Tips to Work Through Communication Issues in a Relationship

Make a pact to be truthful with each other and deal with feelings together rather than sweeping them under the rug. Making them responsible for us No one else is responsible for our thoughts and feelings. Own your feelings so you can handle them with grace and openness. Practice good self care and take steps to meet your own emotional needs so you can communicate with your partner from a place of strength.

communication problems in a relationship

Not knowing their love language Everyone has their own love language. Getting to know your partner well can work wonders for your relationship communication. Maybe they respond well to praise, or like to talk things out.

Resolving Communication Problems in Your Relationship

Perhaps they enjoy receiving small gifts or reminders that you were thinking of them. Some people react best to practical help, such as help with chores. When you learn to understand their language, you can communicate better with them. Keeping score Keeping score, whether it is of the money spent, chores done, or a list of past wrongs, is toxic to any relationship.

If you want your communications to be honest, loving and helpful, drop the score keeping and only focus on the matter at hand. Whatever happened in the past, let it go so you can focus on the present. Poor listening skills Poor listening skills are a top cause of communication problems.

Instead of waiting for your turn to speak, why not try active listening?