Feel single in relationship

Feeling lonely in your relationship | Relate

feel single in relationship

You can't call it a real relationship if you feel single. Sep 30, It's not too much to ask for you and your relationship to be close to the top of your partner's priority You Feel Single, Even Though You're Not. Feeling lonely can leave you wondering if there's something wrong with your relationship but finding a way to talk about how you feel can help to bring you both.

feel single in relationship

In your soul you are free and you are an eternal pilgrim on your way back home. Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore Great ideas. I think most of us go through some period in our committed relationships, where we feel single and lonely.

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I think hectic schedules is key factor of this problem which leads to lack of communication and other issues. I like what you have to say, too: Suzette Vearnon 6 years ago from Raleigh Jellygator, my hat off to you.

Yours is one of the best Hubs I've read so far. I love what you said about communication.

feel single in relationship

Techniques mean absolutely nothing if the underlying issues aren't dealt with. People who honestly have regard for each other find a way to wade through the misplaced verbs, grunts and sighs. There is something that's universal and that everybody needs. They need to feel seen, heard and that they matter.

If a relationship has that as a foundation, they can communicate without saying a word. There's a fine line between being reserved or needing time and the kind of silence that is emotionally abusive. It sounds like you're better off now. Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York Exactly.

Feeling lonely in your relationship

And well said, Jellygator. And I had that lonely feeling in my marriage. My husband never talked to me. Now, he isn't my husband anymore.

Feeling Alone in a Relationship

There's only so much of that being a piece of furniture, a part of the wallpaper a human person can stand. Marriage definitely has it ups and downs along the way. I read recently about a study that focused on couples who were thinking about divorce. They interviewed those couples and followed them for 5 years. Those who stayed together were much happier after 5 years than those that separated. How does loneliness affect your relationship?

feel single in relationship

This tends to be the way someone might phrase things after a period of analysis or soul searching. In reality, loneliness tends to express itself more indirectly.

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You might find yourself feeling more annoyed with your partner: You may act a little childishly, start avoiding your partner or give them the silent treatment. You may become less sexual and feel less attracted to them. This kind of feeling is actually one of the most common reasons for affairs: How do you break out of this kind of situation?

But this is usually what it takes to begin to address any issues.

feel single in relationship

Before doing any of this one thing that can be useful is giving a label to your feelings. Does any of the above sound familiar in your relationship? Being able to put this label on it can be a good way of accepting that there is a problem — that something does need to change. We have a number of tips we recommend people try for having difficult conversations that you might find useful for this. Of course, talking about a problem is no guarantee that it can be solved quickly — or even at all.

But, left alone, these kinds of issues tend to fester and grow over time. Did this article help you think through your situation?