Fun things to do at home when youre bored in a relationship

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fun things to do at home when youre bored in a relationship

Relationships can be tough, but there are some simple things to do in your One important thing you can do in your relationship is to have fun and be silly. Here are 3 simple ways to keep that flash of young love in your relationship. You do certain things on certain nights of the week, together or apart. that we show others that we value them and that they are attractive and interesting to us. Sometimes we get bored, it's only natural but if you aren't ready to they hate medical dramas where all the doctors are just too good looking Bringing something new and exciting to your sex life might get rid of the boredom.

Go on, be the fun boyfriend you always wanted to be! See the tables below for all ideas at a glance, then read the in-depth section beneath for more detail on how to carry out each activity. Go to an art museum and try to guess which pieces will be her favorite Finger paint!

See if there are any festivals going on that you can go to Volunteer at a nursing home or homeless shelter together Attend a public lecture at a nearby university or college Go on a sunset dinner cruise Go to a carnival or amusement park 6 Fun Ways to Escape the City Activity Take her out on a short road trip Take your girlfriend to a vineyard for a wine tasting Take her to a fruit orchard Go camping! Visit a nearby lake or park and spend the day in the great outdoors 9 Romantic and Cheap or Free Things to Do Activity Take your girlfriend out for a late night walk Kiss her in a public place Many museums have free days—check to see when the best ones in your area are free.

Go downtown and people watch Watch the sunrise Go out to the middle of nowhere and watch the stars 8 Unique Gift Ideas Give her a unique box-in-a-box gift Send her exotic flowers. Buy your girlfriend a hot and stylish bikini Get her a basket of bath products Buy your girlfriend stone jewelry Get her a celebrity's style—whether it is clothes, shoes, or jewelry Get her a bottle of rare wine.

If you can't afford that, make an inexpensive wine look fancy Take her shopping and buy her whatever she wants 12 Fun Food-Related Ideas Make your girlfriend a signature cocktail Cook a meal for her Hand-feed her chocolate-covered strawberries while she lies on the couch Look through fancy food magazines or videos on YouTube and plan a gourmet meal to cook together Throw her a surprise dinner party just for fun!

Go hiking, rock climbing, or bouldering. Watch workout videos on YouTube together. Go exploring and walk across your city together. Play frisbee, basketball, soccer, or whatever sport you like. Go to a roller skating rink! Neither of you need to be a gamer to enjoy a hearty session of tennis, ping pong, etc on Wii Sports.

36 Cool Things To Do With Your S/O At Home

Gaming consoles can offer hour after hour of unlimited unisex fun. If you aren't onto this trend yet, you better hop on. It's the perfect thing to do when your girl is bored—just watch the smile on her face when she begins. At the very least, it will be a fun memory to make together! Grab a Pen and Start Sketching on Your Girlfriend's Body Draw a tattoo on your girlfriend's arm and she'll think of you whenever she sees it for the rest of the day. Source Ask her to do the same on yours.

Just see how the hours go by as you both have fun drawing the craziest things on each other's body. If you are not the creative types at all, you can buy a few temporary tattoos and have fun inking each other's bodies with those. While clothing is optional, it is recommended that you keep your underclothing on so that you keep drawing and don't get distracted—unless you want to be.

Source You both indulge in your own conversations and playful antics while you enjoy watching the idiosyncrasies of a foreign culture. Yes, it is random but it is fun.

Why not pull them out, show them off, and tell each other why you like them so much? Source In simpler words, massage your girlfriend's feet. Use the Internet to look up everything you need for a nice Thai foot massage session, create some ambient lighting at home, bring a sensual attitude, and you both should be 'reflexing' in no time.

Though reading is usually a solitary activity, you can make it more inclusive by either listening along together while doing something like cooking, or take turns reading aloud. It can be very relaxing and engaging. Exchange Books With One Another Give each other one of your favorite books and read side-by-side cuddled up on the couch or out at a cafe. Share what you like the most or what you think is interesting.

Solve a Thousand-Piece Puzzle Together Set out to salve a thousand-piece puzzle together Source It's a fun shared goal that involves spending time together and using your brain differently than you do in everyday conversation.

And part of the fun is that you can frame the finished puzzle and turn it into a memoir that you both will treasure. Get your imaginations revved up for a fun afternoon of pure play. Turn couches, big cardboard boxes, tables, and chairs into forts and secret-telling dens. Share Your Visions of the Future With One Another Make a playlist of the songs that you love and are meaningful for you and share them one by one with each other.

Tell each other why you like each one, what memories are attached to it, and what your favorite parts of it are.

fun things to do at home when youre bored in a relationship

Get the DVD sets of your girlfriend's favorite sitcoms and become couch potatoes for a few hours. Cheesy bites and coolers as accompaniments are a plus. Record Videos Together Goof off in front of the camera and try making a talk show, filming a short skit, or even singing!

Download Romantic Apps on Both of Your Phones Download a romantic app where you both keep all of your favorite memories. Source As trashy as they are, romantic apps can be really fun sometimes. From calendar apps that help you plan your intimate sessions to apps that help you determine your love score. There is a lot of variety out there—Avocado and Between are two of the most popular. Share Your Favorite Music With One Another Make a playlist of the songs that you love and are meaningful for you and share them one by one with each other.

Ask to See Her Childhood Photographs If you want to hear a few priceless stories, ask to see her childhood photographs. Source There's no better way to get to know your girl than by looking at all of her crazy, demure, and embarrassing childhood photographs. A trip down memory lane is a sure way to hear some interesting stories about her yesteryears. Enjoy looking at old pics over a hot cup of homemade hot chocolate.

Creative Activities to Spice Things Up 1. Source Play a prank—it can be something as simple as creeping up behind your girlfriend to scare her or something as complicated as setting up a prank situation with the help of your friends.

fun things to do at home when youre bored in a relationship

Don't forget to take her out for a nice dinner afterward to make up for your mischievous ways. Source Arm yourselves with a camera and take pictures as you both pose for priceless snaps that you'll laugh over for years to come. Just make sure that you store the pictures safely. In the wrong hands, they can cause a lot of unnecessary jokes at your expense. Paint Your Girlfriend's Nails Try painting your girlfriend's nails.

It'll be a laugh for both of you. Source Girls love it when their boyfriends pamper them. The best thing about painting your girlfriend's nails will be the all the banter and mischief in between.

Paint outside your girlfriend's toe nails if she behaves badly.

fun things to do at home when youre bored in a relationship

Source Does this sound far from romantic? While you will have to clean up your girlfriend's computer, you get to scatter love messages all over your girlfriend's PC. On the desktop, in her photo gallery, on her homepage, in her My Documents folder, and elsewhere.

Make Her a Scavenger Hunt, Complete with Riddles and Clues, That You Can Solve Together Put on your creative hat and lead your girlfriend on a fun adventure around your neighborhood or city, with a fun surprise at the very end.

Source Who said being fun and romantic was only about doing things as a couple? Be creative and imagine the fun time that your girlfriend could have with her pals at a high tea or at the salon.

You don't need a special occasion—organize something for her out of the blue and make her smile. By making these days unofficial holidays, you will always have a reason to celebrate together.

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Source Don't worry about how your hair will look afterward. What's the worst that could happen? If she messes it up, all you need to do is go to the hairdresser and fix it up. You both will have a fun time. Make sure you take lots of pictures of this episode. Shave Your Girlfriend's Legs Shaving your girlfriend's legs will bring you closer by taking you both outside of your comfort zones.

Source While this is borderline gross for some people, it is really just a matter of treading beyond the line of comfort and doing something different for once. Don't freak out and don't let your girlfriend see a weird expression on your face, else it may lead to a majorly foul mood. And if you really want to be playful and experimental, maybe let her shave your legs too—after all, the 21st century woman wants her man to keep his body hair in check!

It will be a day that you will remember for a long, long time. Have a backyard picnic. Grab a bottle of wine, a blanket, some snacks and enjoy an evening stargazing in your backyard.

Do a puzzle together. Take YouTube dance lessons. Don't spend your money at beginner salsa classes, just YouTube it.

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You save money by doing it at home, plus you two won't be embarrassing yourselves in public. Play a card game. Bring out old favourites like Crazy Eights or Go Fish and make a night of it. Have a bubble bath together.

111 Fun, Flirty, and Romantic Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

There is nothing like relaxing in a warm bath after a long day of work. You can discuss one another's days or just enjoy the bubbles and the company, it's up to you. Pet sit for a friend. Offer to take care of a friend's dog for a night. Your friend gets time off to go out while you two get to play with an adorable puppy. Have a YouTube karaoke night. Don't go and embarrass yourself at a karaoke night at a bar.

Just search "karaoke" on YouTube and you are all set to go. Play a game of Twister. Twister is a classic you probably haven't played in a while. So spend a night in and brush up on your Twister skills. Host a beer tasting with homemade pretzels. Make some homemade pretzels to wash it all down with.

Spend an afternoon reading newspapers and magazines. Grab all your favourite magazines along with a few newspapers and enjoy an afternoon reading. A little culture never hurt a relationship.

Make ice cream sundaes. Ice cream sundaes are the key to happiness. So grab a bunch of candy along with different ice cream flavours and make your own sundaes. Spend an evening making personalized coffee mugs for your apartment.

7 Ways to Bring The Spark Back In A Relationship

You can test them out the next morning over coffee. Take an online personality test together. This could be risky business, but if you both are just doing it for fun then who cares? Have a themed movie night.

Shake up your normal movie night and organize themed movie nights instead. Bake and decorate festive cookies. Take a virtual tour of a museum online.

fun things to do at home when youre bored in a relationship

You can tour the Louvre, the Smithsonian and many other museums online here. Get a large canvas and do your own paint night. There is no need to spend money to do this at a paint studio when it is easy enough to do at home. Roast s'mores over the fireplace. There is no need to travel somewhere just to make s'mores.