Gokaiger vs go buster ending relationship

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gokaiger vs go buster ending relationship

This is a list of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters episodes. Each episode is called a " Mission". Arriving to find a hole 3, meters deep, the Go-Busters are at wits end on how to get down before being alerted .. Cheeda Nick sees that Hiromu is still bothered by the connection between his mother and Escape. (Gokaiger vs. Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters began airing in South Korea in as Power .. as a cameo in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger's third film Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Kyoryuger which is set to start airing in , following the end of Go-Busters. Primatologists continue to explore the relationships between various gorilla. Ever since 's Chōriki Sentai Ohranger, the Vs. movie series has been This hour long film fits in somewhere toward the end of the Go-Busters series (after Gokaiger is the relationship between the Go-Busters and their.

So, what could they be saving all this money for? Another ranger coming down the line seems likely. The last show to have a violet colored Ranger was the last post-anniversary, Gekiranger.

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movie

We could use another one. Post-anniversaries are usually about rocking the boat and trying new things. Not only with the suit designs, but with elements that are core to Sentai.

This could be the first standalone female Sixth Ranger we're looking at here. I declare this theory Made of Win. Jossed, unless you count "Pink Buster" from Mission Or they could adapt it as the main PR Universe's version of RPM with the Rangers trying to stop Venjix from taking over the world instead of him already controlling it. Not happening as Go-Busters was skipped in favor of a Kyoryuger adaptation, but Amit Bhaumik had the same idea. The series after Go-Busters will start out with three rangers.

I'm starting to sense a pattern here, as every series after a post-anniversary series I've see so far Abaranger, Go-onger started out with three initial rangers. Go-onger was marketed with five heroes from the beginning. The opening theme to the first episode showed Green and Black as Rangers before it had happened in the show. They were Rangers from 2 onwards and were very much part of the story even at the start.

So it could really go either way. Enter will be redeemed and become the Sixth Ranger Why not? And his "habit" of repeating a word 3 times is like a corrupted audio file so he has the computer weakness.

He already has the sunglasses Semi-jossed, Enter does not get redeemed, instead he actually becomes the Big Bad. However, after copying data he does assume a new form, an evil version of Red Buster called Dark Buster, which later starts to use Blue and Yellow Buster's abilities too.

Even though Akibaranger isn't for kids, it could still happen. I mean, Doctor Who still managed to crossover with Torchwood. Except that Torchwood was a direct spin-off of Doctor Who, featuring one of the earlier main characters from Doctor Who.

These don't appear to be connected at all. Sentai airs on TV Asahi, and if Japanese networks are anything like US ones, they don't want to promote another channel's programs. A digital channel owned by a main network - the same network which airs Sentai. Cross promotion is a non-issue. Given how Akibaranger seems to have ended for now? I'd say jossed for the moment. Akibaranger has a second season recently, but Kyoruger is on now, so a crossover with Go-Busters is increasingly unlikely.

The "" in the theme song is a dial combination, either for the transformation, gattai, or something else. Hence why the numbers are in the wrong order. Additionally, they may be related to BeetBuster, whose transformation item has a cellphone mode.

Which probably means the theme song was foreshadowing his arrival from the beginning.

gokaiger vs go buster ending relationship

A ranger will turn out to be a cyborg. Dengekitai where all the heroes were cyborgs. With episode 2, it seems quite probable that all the rangers are somehow cyborgs, since their powers and weaknesses are the result of a computer program being installed on each of them.

If Ranger Keys are made after the series Cheeda Nick will be included too as an extra ranger. Nick does eventually get a key, but isn't an extra ranger. The are keys for the five Go-Busters which are toy-exclusive released with a key for both J and Stag Busterbut then there are the Buddyroid keys that appear in Go-Busters vs.

Gokaigerwhich also appeared for the toyline however they're [[ No Export for You webshop exclusive though. Yellow Buster hates sweets All we know is she needs to eat them to keep her energy up.

But Yoko is shown to frequently skip eating her sweets so Up in the air. Jossed, she does actually like sweet food, when her weakpoint strikes its either because she's found she's run out of sweets or has lost access to them. The Go-busters need to suit down manually They can take the helmet off, there is a zipper in the front, why not.

Jossed in ep 3. There will be a henshin sequence But it wont be used until all 3 busters transform together Thus far, this seems to be Jossed. Finally happens in But it wont be used until all 5 busters transform together Jossed, that stock henshin sequence did not last for long.

Go-Busters will have a Downer Ending The show takes inspiration from Evangelion three main characters, the lead protagonist only now joining the conflict, giant monsters attacking the city in order to reach some special structure, the heroes being deployed to fight through disguised hatches, the use of countdown timers though for different purposes.

Then, as mentioned before, this season has a number of shout-outs to Power Rangers, including an enemy similar to Venjix. But since the idea of Super Sentai adapting from Power Rangers is a reversal of things, this might mean that the plot will be RPM in reverse. So, where Venjix was an AI who first destroyed the world before being defeated, Messiah will be an AI who was first defeated at some point in the past, as alluded to in the first episode before eventually destroying the world.

gokaiger vs go buster ending relationship

Jossed, its a Bittersweet Ending instead. The people trapped in hyperspace, including Hiromu's parents and Yoko's mother, having been the Go-Busters goal to find them alive and rescue them, are sacrificed to defeat Messiah in the in Mission But at the end of the day, the Earth is saved, and the team move on with their lives. The next season will be a direct continuation of Go-Busters with the same characters Go-Busters takes a lot of cues and is making a lot of shout-outs to Power Rangers.

And what did Power Rangers used to do at the end of each season? Also, in relation to the WMG above, the season will end with Messiah winning by destroying the Enertron Tank while the Go-Busters lose their old powers. However, in the first episode, they will gain new powers along with new vehicles. This would also explain why we have Akibaranger this year. Next season's crossover will feature the Go-Busters team now equipped with their new powers for the season with Akibaranger.

The next season is dinosaur themed. Also, Messiah died in episode The team's weaknesses were caused by events in their childhood Hiromu- Used to be called a chicken by bullies and would freeze up when they did so. Ryuji- Caught a case of heatstroke as a child. Yoko- Had a hyperactive metabolism?

The weaknesses are a result of the program implanted in them that gave them their special abilities. I know that, I mean those could be why they ended up with those specific weaknesses. It's specifically mentioned that Hiromu freezes when he panics, and chickens cause him to panic, making it sound like two separate issues. It's possible that the freezing is part of the program, but what triggers a freeze is based on Hiromu's own psychology.

Ryuji's Ax-Crazy alter ego may be a direct response to his normal Nice Guy persona, bringing to the surface all of the negative and childish emotions he had to lock away in order to become a proper Big Brother Mentor to the other two.

It may just be how kids at that age look, but Yoko appears to have been a slightly chubby child. Her needing to eat candy may be less about the calories and more about an emotional connection with food. Semi-confirmed, the circumstances behind Ryuji and Yoko's weakpoints don't come up, but it Hiromu's weakpoint is known to have stemmed from a childhood trauma involving him being trapped in a chicken coup as a kid.

Messiah is the Red Skull Giant, malevolent red head floating between dimensions in agony? Either way, they are connected to Megarangers in one way or another. The series will tie in with Seijuu Sentai Gingaman more deeply than we imagine. The first episode mentions 'Our 13 years of darkness will be over'. Even if this is jossed, it is still one hell of a coincidence.

Given that no connections were made to Gingaman, it's more likely a reference to how that was the first Sentai she was the head writer on. This is the start of a new tradition From now on the year after every anniversary team, there will be a Power Rangers shout out season. It will soon be revealed that they're on a Terra-Venture -like ship What a better shout out to a Power Rangers season than homaging the one that was an adaptation from Yasuko's earlier Sentai works?

Jossed Hiromu is still severerly traumatized by the events of 13 years ago. He ran away from home and joined what is essentially a paramilitary organization based on a promise he made to a toddler 13 years ago. One might call that heroic, but one might also call it dangerously obsessed. He seems unusually serious for someone his age, and Nick meantioned in episode 2 that he doesn't smile very often.

He has a habit of bluntly saying what he's thinking without regard for the other person's feelings. These may be simply personality traits, or they could be indicative of some more deep-rooted emotional problems. According to their bios Hiromu is 20, Ryuji is 28 and Yoko is That would mean that 13 years ago they were 7, 15, and 3 respectively. Ryuji was probably old enough to properly process what happened, and Yoko was young enough that she might not remember all the details.

Hiromu would have had neither of those luxuries. Add in the fact that he lost both parents as opposed to Yoko who apparently only lost her motherand it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Hiromu is the most traumatized of the three.

Episode 4 pretty much confirms this. With Episode 20 serving as icing on the cake. Beet Buster's powers will be related to a beetle Since all the other Go-Busters have powers related to their animal motif its only fitting that Beet Buster has the same.

The only question is which one? Swarming maybe burrowing, Super ToughnessWall Crawlingflight, dermal armour, the list goes on Technically speaking due to being an avatar Jin is practically immortal as he can just send another avatar if one gets destroyed meaning the link could be like a cockroach's fabled immortality too.

Enter was the one who created the Messiah Virus and was infected by it during the EAB building transport. Someone had to have created the virus, and it would be interesting if Messiah's loyal human agent was that creator. Jossed, Enter and Escape are Avatars created from the data of the various scientists. Messiah is the Y2K bug The original incident that set everything off happened around Christmas 13 years ago; making it December That would be 12 years and 2 months - so it's actually Christmas Messiah will use one of the parents as a body to escape Or at least as a vessal that acts as it's eyes, ears, and body until it can properly leave itself.

Jossed, he evolved himself a body instead. There will only be a Transformation Sequence at the very end Remember the last project Yasuko took on? In that, the Rider Kick wasn't used all that much and was only used about four times.

One of those times being in the end of the show. Chances are the sequence will have that same thing happen. Somehow jossed as of Hiromu and Yoko will become an Official Couple It looks like they can't get along much yet but it might just happen. Hiromu's sister will accept the fact that her brother is a Go-buster There will be an episode where Hiromu's sister will be put in trouble by a Monster of the Weekeither directly or indirectly, and they will have to rescue her.

The events of that episode will then make her realize the importance of her brother's task. The fourth quarter toy catalogues are out, the final mecha is LT, a lion based three wheeled motorbike, which is piloted by Hiromu.

Messiah's physical form will use Emperor Gruumm 's appearance As an inversion of Power Rangers ' use of stock footage and suits from their Japanese counterpart, this Super Sentai season will adapt an original character's appearance from Power Rangers instead.

The Messiah looks like a floating skull in his data form so it would be likely that he will have a Skull for a Head in his physical form. Or they use Lord Zedd instead. Grumm and Zedd jossed. Skull for a Head confirmed! Enter's Gratuitous French will be a plot point. It just seems unlikely for it to be such a huge part of his character just for kicks.

Confirmed, the reason for his French is because one of the scientists whose data he was created from was a Frenchman. Enter pulls an Agent Smith, but this involves Messiah's first defeat then second and final defeat at the hands of the Go-Busters. Only the children and buddyroids were known to have been transported away from the research facility so it may not be the same CB Ace that Hiromu is using. If it is currently in the possession of Vaglass, they might use it later against the Go-Busters.

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A computer virus does not just appear out of nowhere, and Enter seems to know an awful lot about how Messiah and its minions function. Also, watch how Enter talks to Messiah. His "Majesty" just sort of rants on and on about how he wants to rule everything. When Enter replies, he sounds like he's trying to calm down a child.

Enter is always the one who comes up with the plans to fight the Go-Busters. And, he doesn't seem to have any problem with just hitting "esc" and ending his conversations with Messiah whenever he wants - even when Messiah is in the middle of a rant. That's a pretty disrespectful way to treat him, if Messiah is really Enter's superior.

I therefore propose that Enter created Messiah and is actually the one calling the shots. Messiah isn't the Big Badhe's been destroyed. But so has Enter.

Enter was originally created by Messiah but after Messiah's defeat, Enter takes his place as the new Messiah. Beet Buster's weakness will be memory problems. Becomes one to Hiromu by the end of the series after copying his data. As the series enters its end he gains a very creepy baritone laugh to go with his Sanity Slippage. Serves as one to Basco, in a way. Both are trolly human-looking villains that really enjoy what they do.

Both are also often considered the larger threat than their respective series' Big Bad. He can also be seen as one to Smith from The Matrix trilogy. Both were AIs created by another AI, both were destroyed by The Hero but managed to return and upon their return they sought to overthrow their creators and conquer the world and humanity.

Seems genteel and cultured, but when something's in his way, the gloves come off. Shown in episode 4 when he is just sitting around, eating pizza when they show up. He proceeds to politely offer them some before creating a Metaroid to try and kill them. Being an Avatar on earth, being destroyed is no problem for him, as he can simply send a new one to replace it, as the real Enter is safe in Hyperspace.

After Messiah's first defeat, he took Messiah Card No. This is what enables him to become the new Big Bad. He is not French since he is just made up of data. However, one of the sources of his data come from a French scientist. Outright admits that while stealing enough Enetron for Messiah to escape subspace is the primary goal, some attacks are simply to amuse Messiah by causing human suffering. Enter himself seems to really enjoy what he's doing. Enter's One-Winged Angel form resembles a prince, and he wants to become the new Messiah instead of reviving the old one who he calls "His Majesty".

In Mission 49, thanks to the data he stole from Hiromu, Enter can now morph into his own version of Red Buster, which seems to have been his intention ever since he put Card No. It seems he really wants to be a Ranger.

When Hiromu manages to defeat him in Mission 30, Enter actually congratulates him before his Megazord blows up. And again in Mission As he begins to fade and die, he seems strangely serene, especially considering his Villainous Breakdown beforehand. After finally being Killed Off for Real he says "C'est la vie" that means: What he really is, same as Jin. Enter is not only the physical threat the Vaglass present, he's also the one that seems to make up all the plans for them, as Messiah normally just throws temper tantrums.

This takes its natural progression when he becomes the Big Bad after Messiah's defeat. Hoist by His Own Petard: Seeking another trump card, just in case Card no. This backfires when Jin uses that very data, which was also backed up on Card no.

After losing to Hiromu he's come to believe this and seeks to understand humanity's power. I Want Them Alive: Enter deliberately held back in some engagements with Hiromu. This turns out to be because Hiromu is his Soul Jar. Of course, just because he needs Hiromu alive doesn't mean that he needs him unharmed—or even conscious.

List of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters episodes - Wikipedia

After Messiah's destruction, he returns, not only in charge of the Vaglass, but now with a much more disturbing personality, being able to frighten Escape into submission easily. On top of that, he also has the 13 Messianic Metaroids, far more powerful Metaroids made from Messiah's data, who's goal is to record enough human data for one of them to evolve into a new Messiah.

However, all of this is subverted, when Enter reveals that he wanted the information to turn himself into the perfect human.