Homeworld destruction of kharak ending relationship

Kharak Is Burning (Pt. 1: Using Grief In Videogames)

homeworld destruction of kharak ending relationship

The Kharakian Genocide, also known as the Burning of Kharak, was a significant in Kharak's destruction and the outbreak of the galaxy-wide Homeworld War. would not have been spurred to take arms to end the brutal Taiidan regime. Kharak, a desert planet in some distant galaxy (more specifically a replica of the . By the end, they have earned the respect of the rest of the Hiigaran population. . When the Beast Naggarok in Cataclysm is destroyed it lets off a whopping 30 .. of the various warship classes have almost no relation to their role in the fleet. For Homeworld on the PC, Game Script by YessMassterHG. It is likely they were involved in the destruction of Kharak. (Fleet Intelligence).

The crew was then interrogated in order to learn the details of the attack. It is unclear if the captured Taiidani were summarily executed or simply perished during harsh questioning by the enraged Exiles. Either way, the Exiles destroyed them utterly. The Exiles, who had forgotten their history, quickly discovered the reason for the attack.

It was because of the hyperdrive treaty. The Exiles knew nothing of their past.

homeworld destruction of kharak ending relationship

The prisoners informed them that they were the exiles from Hiigaratheir original homeworld. The Exiles, now fully aware of their situation and with nothing left for them in the Kharak system, immediately left to seek their revenge. Riesstiu and his advisers in the Assembly of Lordsin a devastating failure at propaganda, almost immediately released records depicting the attack on Kharak. The motive was to try and raise morale amongst a dissatisfied people and convince them that their immortal Emperor was still ever observing and immortally powerful.

It had the opposite effect. Immediately after this news, protesters took to the streets, clamoring for the abdication of the Emperor. Military officers resigned their positions and outside governments broke relations with the Empire. It was not simply the act of genocide that set forth this chain of events. Already pitied for their fate the fact that the Empire punished a world for violating a long-forgotten treaty enraged the Taiidan people, believing that their government had become not only immoral but genocidal and sadistic.

The Emperor gave the orders then for the regional security forces to whip the mobs into order, fearing another rebellion. This only incited more resistance. The people, more angry than they were afraid, united into just what the Emperor had feared. A new rebellion, but this time, one stronger than ever before. As of now no one in the galaxy realized they were still alive.

The Mothership Fleet was believed vanished, the planet Kharak known to be lifeless. In addition, the Exiles covertly received the aid of the Bentusi who granted technology to the fugitives at a downsized price. The first of these new technologies was that of the ion cannonwith which the Exiles were able to destroy both of the fleets which had attacked their world.

The news of an Exile strike in the Great Wastelands was shocking. Until now it was presumed that the Turanic-Taiidan fleet had finished the job, as the Imperial Fleet was fond of doing.

The Emperor, now fearful that the Exiles might pose a greater threat as they moved closer to the Core Worlds and gathered support, mobilized the Fleet a second time.

All border outposts were put on full alert and patrols were rigidly enforced, running on tight shifts in order to catch any Exile attempt to penetrate the Imperial defenses. Not just offering technology this time the Bentusi told the Exiles of a way to sneak past the Imperial defenses. If they were to go through the Great Nebulaa place taboo to all of the galaxy they would find no Imperial fleets.

Regardless, the Exiles moved on through the Nebula. In the process they discovered a branch-off from the original Hiigaransthe Kadeshi and defeated them and moved on, although only through the greatest perseverance.

Escaping the Nebula intact the Exiles had successfully bypassed Imperial defenses and exited within Imperial borders. Shortly after they began their next assault, on a weaker point in the interior defenses of the Empire shielding the outer regions of it from the more precious Core Worlds.

Once again, the message spread: Tenhauser Gate Edit The Emperor then made yet another drastic mistake.

Kharak Is Burning (Pt. 1: Using Grief In Videogames)

Realizing that the Exiles could not have reached this far into the Empire without outside help, he and his advisers immediately suspected the Bentusi. He gave a secret order to his more trusted officers, commanding that they intimidate the Bentusi into neutrality. However, this transmission was discovered and decoded by the Exiles who were constantly intercepting Imperial transmissions and decoding them.

homeworld destruction of kharak ending relationship

Although the Imperial Fleet was certainly massive enough to hunt down and destroy the Bentusi despite the Bentusi Exchange possessing heavy firepower, they did not anticipate the arrival of reinforcements. The Galactic Council was appalled at the arrogance of the Taiidan to try and intimidate one of the Unbound and immediately began to make moves to intimidate the Taiidan into submission, for even the Empire could not stand up to the united will of the Council. Still, there were disagreements and the Council could not arrive on a final decision immediately.

The Flight of the Kapella Edit The rebellion however was far from succeeding. They had vastly underestimated the preparations a paranoid Emperor like Riesstiu had taken in preventing a successful rebellion.

Suspected rebel elements were riddled with Imperial spies even before the rebellion had begun and the Taiidan Empire had several Heavy Cruiser strike groups already in position to begin bombardment of rebellious worlds.

Still, the rebellion fared better than its predecessors did.

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This was in part due to leadership as several top Imperial Fleet officers defected to the new rebellion, adding both firepower and additional cunning to the rebel fleet.

However, early attempts at fighting an open rebellion were disastrous.

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Ending

Indeed, by the time the Exiles had reached the Core Worlds the rebellion was almost defeated. At the Battle of Vorshan's Riftthe majority of the rebellious fleet was lured out and destroyed. An ambush set amongst the dangerous rocks it was only a small matter for the better disciplined and better trained Imperial Fleet to wipe out a surprised group of rebels.

Yet complete victory was not yet at hand for the Empire. The rebels still had their agents in place.

homeworld destruction of kharak ending relationship

While the majority of their fleet was now destroyed there were still rebellious cells working within the fabric of Imperial society, ready to heed the command of the rebel leadership. One of the rebel leaders present, the legendary Captain Elson had escaped with his life and his ship the Kapella. All orbital facilities, including the massive Scaffold that had built the Mothership, were destroyed by Taiidan fighters and bombers.

The planet was bombarded with the devastating Atmospheric Deprivation Weaponleaving the surface consumed by a firestorm spanning half of the northern hemisphere, presumably killing everyone on the surface in a matter of minutes. When the Mothership returned from its Hyperdrive test-turned-combat trial to warn Kharak and inform the defense authorities of the threat of the Turanic Raiders they had encountered, the crew found the planet already ablaze.

Fleet Command conducted a search for any signs of survivors, yet all signals in the orbit as well as on the surface had been silenced, not even beacons. Tiir, along with every other city on the surface of Kharak is destroyed as the planet is immolated by the Taiidan. The only things that were discovered were the Cryo Trayscontaining the hundreds of thousands that were in cryogenic sleep. They had evaded initial detection by broadcasting only on a maintenance frequency. Fleet Command however noticed massive systems failure in one of the trays: The last remaining alien ships that had not left the system for the Great Wastelands were a group of Assault Frigates firing relentlessly at the containers.

One of the frigates was captured for studies, the others eliminated or captured for combat use. Flight recorders replayed the events of the Burning to the shocked Kushan crews while the interrogation of the prisoners from the warship revealed the reason for the attack: Apparently the Kushan had broken a year old contract that forbade the use of hyperdrive technology among their people.

Several Taiidan crew members and the captain of the captured frigate would die before the interrogations ended. Bent on revenge, the Kushan fleet took aboard the remaining colonists and departed the system for the final time to hunt down the remains of the Taiidan fleet responsible for Kharak's annihilation.

They eventually cornered them in the Great Wastelandsdecisively destroying this fleet in its entirety and their allies among the Turanic Raiders as they began their journey to reclaim their homeworld from the empire that had taken everything from them.

The short term effects were almost as terrible as the long term ones. One of the most immediate was that the Kushan society on Kharak was almost completely annihilated. All of the other planned Mothership designs were bombed into nothingness, and what little life on Kharak that managed to scrap out a living was probably destroyed.