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india east africa relationship

ORF has embarked on developing a continuing programme of East African Studies and Research, focusing on various issues that will have a direct bearing on. China; India; East Africa. India's expanding relations with Africa have received comparatively little scholarly or media attention, in contrast to the burgeoning. China and India take aim at underdeveloped East Africa. International relations experts say the expansive trade and cultural diplomacy.

However, the stories of solidarity among members of the Indian diaspora and local Africans are not without friction. Nonetheless, the fact remains that it was the Indian corporate that has built on and sustained this ancient relationship. Indian businesses are active across geographic spaces and sectors in Africa.

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Agri-business, engineering, construction, film distribution, cement, plastics, and ceramics manufacturing, advertising, marketing, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunication are only some of the sectors that have Indian players. The presence of India Inc.

india east africa relationship

Conversations with members of the India-Africa Business Council bring up the extent of support received from both Indian and host governments as well as the promise and the pushback from operating in local societies. According to them, there is very little coordination between Indian State and its businesses in Africa and the role of India Inc.

They claim there are very few instances when the GoI has stepped in to help close a deal during competitive bids and the assistance provided is restricted to network building, liaising with host governments, or consular support.

India-Africa relationship: Ancient bond that has withstood test of time

Officials at the Indian embassy in Ethiopia mentioned that Indian businesses usually approach them when they are faced with challenges and need to problem-solve but were open to expanding the scope of their interactions. Interestingly, some Indian businesses claimed to work more closely with African host governments, helping delegations during their visit to India and facilitating meetings. Ancient trade relations[ edit ] Coins of king EndybisAD.

india east africa relationship

The right one reads in Greek: Little is known about contacts made between Indians and Africans before the first century CE. The only surviving source, Periplus Maris Erythraei Periplus of the Erythraean Sea ,—which dates to mid-first century—refers to trade relations between the Kingdom of Aksum and Ancient India around the first millennium.

india east africa relationship

Helped by the monsoon winds, merchants traded cottonglass beads and other goods in exchange for gold and soft-carved ivory. The Periplus Maris Erythraei describes Greco-Roman merchants selling in Barbaricum "thin clothing, figured linens, topazcoralstoraxfrankincensevessels of glass, and silver and gold plate" in exchange for " costusbdelliumlyciumnardturquoiselapis lazuliSeric skins, cotton cloth, silk yarn, and indigo ".

Under the rule of the British Empire[ edit ] During the British colonial rule in the Indian Subcontinent and large parts of Africa, the Indian city of Mumbai was already a center of ivory trade between East Africa and Britain. Political[ edit ] The development of modern-day relations has gone through two main periods.

india east africa relationship

And who could deny Bollywood its rightful due in connecting people by melting barriers of geography, language or culture. This was the 10th BRICS Summit and reinforced the need for co-operation in meeting common challenges in our countries in different growth curves and realizing our full potential.

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The state visit to Rwanda was the first ever visit by an Indian prime minister. This was also the fifth high-level interaction between India and Rwanda in one-and-a-half years including two visits by president of Rwanda to India, visit by the vice president of India to Rwanda and recent visit by the president of Senate of Rwanda to India.

india east africa relationship

During his visit, the prime minister also announced opening up of an Indian mission in Rwanda, the first of the 18 new resident Indian missions to be opened in Africa in The Indian government had earlier this year announced opening of 18 new Indian missions in Africa over a four-year period from tothereby increasing the number of Resident Indian missions in Africa from 29 to 47, underlining the importance attached by India to its relations with Africa.