Inoue orihime relationship advice

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inoue orihime relationship advice

Orihime Inoue sat on the edge of his bed, her long auburn hair falling over her " Kiss me," she murmured. His father was a crazed old man and he didn't plan on taking any advice from him anytime soon, that was for sure. They are now officially a canon couple We did it! hoooray!! And for Inoue. I am just so happy that after all of the hardships she's been through. Orihime Inoue (井上 織姫, Inoue Orihime) is a Human living in Karakura Town. then notices her Shun Shun Rikka flying over her head and with their guidance.

Her only real comfort came from remembering the kindness that Ichigo Kurosaki had showed to her that night. After a year passed, she met a spunky, tough tomboy by the name of Tatsuki Arisawa who offered to walk her home. Orihime looked up, saw the smile, and returned it gratefully. Her cheer returned, brighter and warmer than ever.

With Tatsuki to watch over Orihime, she became more extroverted as time went by, and began to make friends with ease. And when Tatsuki made it VERY clear that anyone who messed with Orihime would get a fist to the face, Orihime finally felt safe enough to begin growing her hair long once again. Unknown to Orihime, the spirit of her brother lingered to watch over her, lonely and sad. One night, shortly after Ichigo had gained the powers of a shinigami, Orihime's brother was attacked by Hollows…monstrous spirits that had lost their hearts and feasted on the souls of others.

inoue orihime relationship advice

They devoured Sora's soul, forcing him to become a Hollow himself, driving him into haunting Orihime and causing her to endure several accidents. One night he attacked Orihime and Tatsuki, nearly killing them both. Orihime even had her soul knocked right out of her body. Ichigo arrived just in time to save her, having been warned by Rukia Kuchiki that Orihime might be in danger. It was a fierce battle, but in the end, Orihime stopped her brother from killing Ichigo by throwing herself between the two and gently embracing the tortured Hollow.

She told him she was sorry for begging him not to go when he was dying, claiming that it was her fault he remained behind instead of passing on. He regained his full consciousness, long enough to impale himself on Ichigo's Soul Slayer and pass on to the Soul Society with a pure, clean conscience. Orihime didn't manifest any special powers until many weeks later when a Hollow attacked the school, using its abilities to take over the bodies of her classmates as well as Tatsuki.

The spirit force that had bled into Orihime from her previous encounter with Ichigo manifested itself as six fairy-like spirits residing in the petals of her hairpins; three to raise a shield, two to heal, and one to cleave the enemy in half. With this, she was able to vanquish the Hollow and restore her friends. When Rukia was taken back to Soul Society to be executed for her crimes, Orihime decided she would help Ichigo fight to get her back.

She trained hard with fellow classmate Yasutora Sado better known as 'Chad' under the guidance of the mysterious black cat, Mr. When they were ready, Kisuke Urahara opened the door, and the rescue began!

After many hardships, the group finally managed to penetrate the defenses of Seireitei and were split up. Orihime wound up with Uryuu Ishida, and the two of them had to work together to get through to the White Tower. They became close friends, and each gained a better understanding of the other.

When the 12th division captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi appeared to capture Orihime for his studies, Ishida protected her valiantly and made sure she was taken away from the battle. She was unwilling to go, but Uryuu ordered a nearby shinigami to escape and take Orihime with him by force.

The shinigami knocked her out when she bit him. She was taken back to his division's captain, Kenpachi Zaraki. When she told Kenpachi that she was a friend of Ichigo's, he resolved to help them in their struggle to save Rukia due to his respect for Ichigo's strength. And ironically enough, Orihime was the only one of the group besides Ichigo who avoided capture. After a final battle where Orihime forced herself to remain on the sidelines, Sousuke Aizen's true colors were revealed.

After he ascended to Hueco Mundo, Orihime ran forward to heal the injuries of the wounded. Everyone returned to Karakura Town. Orihime was stronger than she'd been before, though she couldn't shake the sense that she hadn't been very helpful at all with the rescue operation.

Nonetheless, she continued to train hard, and waited, looking to Ichigo for signs of what they should do next. The answer came in the form of two powerful human-like Hollows, an elite class called 'Espadas'. While trying to defend her friends, part of Orihime's powers were crippled with the destruction of one of her spirits. When Aizen's plan to eliminate Karakura Town to create a key that would give him access to the king of Soul Society, Orihime ran to deliver the news to her friends, successfully finding Ichigo despite the barriers erected to shield him from the detection of others.

When she went to Urahara's store to tell Chad and Renji, Urahara sternly informed her that she would not be fighting in the upcoming war due to the partial loss of her powers. She fled in tears, running into Rukia on her way out. Orihime confessed that she didn't want to be a burden to Ichigo and the others and would agree not to fight, but Rukia wouldn't have it.

She offered to train Orihime personally in the Soul Society. After one of the members of the group training Ichigo restored Orihime's powers, she left with Rukia to prepare for the war. Upon her return, Orihime was intercepted by the Espada Ulquiorra, who forced her to return to Hueco Mundo with him if she wished to prevent the deaths of her friends. Though Aizen told her that he had great interest in her powers, the true reason for her abduction was revealed; that she was merely bait, meant to divide the forces of Soul Society when Ichigo and his friends went to rescue her.

With several of Soul Society's captains trapped in Hueco Mundo, Aizen departed to the world of the living to accomplish his original goals. Ichigo was successful in saving Orihime with the help of Uryuu and the others, and she remained behind in Hueco Mundo to heal Uryuu's decimated arm while Ichigo sped off to protect Karakura Town.

It was at this point that she awoke in the city of Nautilus. She returned to her world only once, in order to see the end of the war through, plus a few extra months to ensure that things really were going back to normal.

Satisfied that things seemed peaceful, Orihime was able to return to Nautilus with a brighter outlook for the future. Personality There's nothing Orihime wouldn't do for her friends. Heck, there's nothing she wouldn't do for a stranger in need, for that matter! Orihime has always been a nice girl, understanding of the problems of others. Her sympathy shows no limits, and she can empathize honestly with those that are hurting.

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She's always thoughtful of others and their feelings. If she were to accidentally offend someone, she'd be mortified and apologize profusely. Whatever Orihime can do to help, whatever she can give, she feels it's all worthwhile to help someone smile. Not many show the kind of unconditional love that Orihime has. She respects the decisions of others, and to the best of her ability, she'll help them with their goals.

When others state their opinions, Orihime will usually agree with them verbally even if she doesn't share that opinion, or knows that what they're saying isn't true. As long as it's not hurting anyone, it's fine, right?

Most of Orihime's life was spent in solitude. She was an extremely shy girl in school when she was a child, and was often picked on. So she kept quiet and downplayed her intelligence in order to keep from standing out. She didn't have friends, and the only real person-to-person contact she shared was with her brother Sora when he came home from work. When he died, she spent an entire year feeling isolated and very much alone. Tatsuki changed her life for the better, encouraging Orihime to open herself up to others.

And gradually, she did. But there will always be times that she finds herself missing her older brother, and spends a quiet moment confiding to the portrait she keeps of him. She's desperately afraid of being left alone again. It's a big part of why she's so determined to give her all in the war against Aizen.

Without her friends, she has nothing, and she'd rather die than lose them. When Orihime was little, her imagination was an escape from sadness and loneliness. In her mind, she could paint vivid landscapes and impossible scenarios. She always picked things that made her smile, living an action-filled and exuberant fantasy whenever she needed to just get away from things for a little while. As she's grown older and learned that she can find happiness just in being with others, her daydreams have decreased a great deal.

But if you see her gaze become distant, and notice that her mouth falls open just a little bit, she's probably deeply involved in a colorful little world of her own. Some might call Orihime's view on life as fatalistic.

However, that would imply a negative attitude, which simply isn't how Orihime sees things. She knows that life is uncertain. The people you love might be gone tomorrow. Even she might snuff it in a way no one could predict! So she seeks to live a rich and full life. There are a million experiences Orihime's never had a chance to savor. And it's not just the big things!

It's the small things that she loves so much, like attending a real piano concert, or zipping in between traffic cones in a car she can't drive, so if you see her trying to do this, RUN.

Orihime wants to try everything she can, and every moment is dear to her. There's just too much to do, and see, and live! Orihime's sense of humor is…bizarre, to say the least. It's not sarcastic, and it sure isn't mean. There are no puns. For some reason, she just thinks it's funny to say things that come across as sounding amazingly stupid to those who don't know her well.

And given how widely she smiles when she decides to start kidding around, even her best friends don't always know if she's joking or not. The best indicator is to watch for the 'tee hee' which she almost always includes when she's kidding. Her sense of timing is important too. She knows when it's time to be serious, and she's loathe to make inappropriate jokes at inappropriate times. But when things seem dark, look to Orihime's cheerful personality to attempt to brighten the mood.

You're never fully dressed without a smile. And Orihime's always wearing her best, even if she's sad. She doesn't want to bring anyone down with a gloomy attitude, so her words and her expression remain positive.

This is especially true if she's feeling a little down in the mouth herself. Once Orihime sets her mind on something, very little can shake her resolve to see it through to the end.

She has a very strong sense of right and wrong, and she sticks to her guns. If she clenches her fist and lifts her chin with that stubborn glint in her eye, don't expect to change her mind.

She might verbally agree with someone just to keep the peace, but she'll do it her way in the end. She's just one of those silently stubborn people. At first glance, Orihime seems like an airheaded weakling. She's small, pretty, and innocent. She smiles too much. She giggles at little things that most people don't quite get. Her mind is always at work, and while it might not move along the same lines of logic that others use, she's actually quite brilliant.

She sees things that others wouldn't consider. There's probably nothing she couldn't accomplish. Orihime seems to have little trouble making friends. She has no reservations about delivering honest and sincere compliments, and despite her flaws, her intentions and her big heart tend to quickly endear her to others. She's respectful of other people's beliefs and actions, and she will rarely preach or chide. There's not a mean bone in her entire body, so it's easy to like her.

Orihime is usually very good at reading people. She has a talent for seeing past the facades and false bravado, to the real heart and soul of a person. She's also very alert, though it sometimes appears that she's spacing out.

Her environment is always carefully noted, and she can usually tell when someone is lying to her. Her most remarkable talent, however, is finding the good in people that no one else can see.

Orihime and ichigo was the obvious pairing the whole manga

Bringing that goodness to light, however, is another thing completely. Her attempts bring about mixed results. There's precious little that actually frightens Orihime. An unexpected sound or appearance might startle her, but she's certainly no coward. She's faced incredible danger and impossible situations with her head held high, her mouth set firmly with resolve.

Orihime's witnessed some truly horrible things in her lifetime, but she doesn't let it scar her. She doesn't dwell on the past. If she needs to, she'll weep. But it will never stop her from doing what she needs to do, and to keep moving forward.

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Orihime's always been smart. She seems to rank consistently in the third spot of all the students in her year at school. Ishida was first, and bookworm Ryo was second. Orihime comprehends difficult situations quickly and quietly. Her logic is unusual, but it's normally very sound. She learns fast, remembers things vividly, and is academically gifted. Orihime had to take care of herself ever since she was twelve years old. She learned to be responsible for her material needs at a very young age.

Little by little, she's grown stronger and more capable of defending herself from danger. Tatsuki set her on that road, and Ichigo and Rukia provided a shining example of everything Orihime wished to become. She isn't satisfied to stay in the back, and is uncomfortable with being too reliant on others for protection.

inoue orihime relationship advice

More than anything, Orihime wants to fight beside the others as an equal, and she's training hard to reach that level. Orihime has very little real experience when it comes to fighting and dealing with threats. At times she can get in way over her head, and she has to rely on someone stronger to help her. She hates putting people out like that. She isn't desensitized to violence, and though she's seen some really awful things like Mayuri's exploding human bombsit never fails to affect her on a very real and personal level.

Her powers are still largely untapped, since no human has ever possessed the talents granted to her by the hairpins she wears. Tsubaki is particularly difficult for her to manage because she lacks 'real killing intent' to use him effectively.

inoue orihime relationship advice

People tend to forget sometimes that Orihime is still just a sixteen-year-old girl. Her feelings are tender and easily injured. The other part of this flaw is that she can't stand seeing someone else get hurt, even the enemy. It's unlikely that she would kill to save her own life, and she'd seek out every other possible venue before resorting to such a thing for anyone else. Underneath that smile, Orihime is uncertain of herself and her abilities.

She desperately longs to be useful and helpful to her friends, but often believes that she's too weak to be of much good. She lacks real confidence in herself, and is prone to psychological manipulation of this manner. Though she's improved a great deal after meeting Tatsuki, part of her will always remain that same shy, awkward little girl starved for someone to love her in return.

Though Orihime's fervent belief in the goodness of others is admirable, it can also be a terrible weakness. It's hard for her to look at an enemy as exactly that: What she usually sees is another person with feelings and goals and dreams, just like herself. She just can't manage to attack with blind anger, nor can she force herself to be apathetic towards the feelings of others. Orihime doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve.

Most don't realize this, because she's so open and friendly with people. But her deepest, most private feelings are rarely shared with anybody, with the occasional exception of her best friend Tatsuki.

If she's hurting, she keeps it bottled up inside. Orihime feels she should be the one to deal with her own problems, and doesn't think she should rely on others for this. It's not healthy for her, because those emotions continue to build, leaving her frustrated and weary, until she finally breaks down and cries. Orihime tends to rely too much on her friends.

Their goals, their opinions, their strength… It frustrates her at times, because she's very much aware of this flaw. And though she fights so hard to stand on her own two feet, she knows very well that she can't do it alone, and that tends to sting. Abilities Reiatsu Orihime has a very strong sense of the spiritual realm. She can easily see and feel the presence of paranormal beings and activity and, to an extent, control her own spiritual power.

inoue orihime relationship advice

She's quite gifted at controlling the level of her reiatsu, and she's probably the most talented of her friends. She's not the most powerful, however; that title belongs to Ichigo Kurosaki and Uryuu Ishida.

Still, it does come in handy! The three of them create an impenetrable, triangular, golden shield, rejecting enemy attacks.

So far, nothing has been able to physically break past this defense though Yammy has been able to form a small crack with an obscenely powerful thrust from his finger. Nonetheless, it can only stay up so long as Orihime is concentrating.

If she's distracted or emotionally distraught, it can shatter easily. This power isn't technically a healing spell, even though it is often mistaken for one.

It's the power to return objects within a limited space to a state before they were destroyed or damaged.

inoue orihime relationship advice

Hence, not only can Orihime fix people's injuries, she can also repair objects that were recently broken. Orihime does not need to be present, or even awake, to maintain the shield. She just has to be there to start it. This power can also be used to return something to a time before it ever existed. However, it takes a good deal of time to do correctly, and it's unlikely she could or WOULD use it on a living being since all they'd have to do is step out of the way.

This is Orihime's only real offensive power. He has the ability to enter and put up a shield inside the enemy, rejecting their physical bonds to, in short, split them in two. It's very handy against Hollows! But it must be aimed properly and with Orihime's full intent to inflict harm. If she lacks the desire to kill which is usually the case against sentient opponentsthe attack will be very weak or misaimed.

Tsubaki can also be cut down before impact, and if this is the case, he's out of the fight for good and cannot be called back until he's been healed. Healing Tsubaki is incredibly difficult and can take days of concentration for Orihime to fix him completely.

However, Tsubaki is added to the trio and positioned in the middle, and with his powers added, the shield not only blocks incoming attacks, but counters them and reflects the damage viciously back upon the attacker.

The more violent the assault, the more damage that is done in return. Sewing Though she isn't the genius tailor that Ishida happens to be, Orihime is nonetheless regarded as one of the best in her peer group.

Her stitches are bold and creative, and she has a talent for crafting handmade clothes and stuffed animals. The city granted her a welcoming gift of a hundred leeks, which she cooked into numerous dishes and offered to anyone who wanted to come by and eat.

Wheeljack took her to his lab, Ground Zero, and fixed up an adjoining duplex for her to stay in. Once a week, Orihime cooks dinner for all who live in Ground Zero and can assume a form that can ingest human food.

She apprentices with Ratchet in his medbay, and owns a cake shop across the street. She also began construction on several Ewok treehouses, initially planning to live there and create a private place for newcomers or others with limited Bending skills to live. However, her attachment to Wheeljack and the others caused her to waver in her decision, so she's decided to stay with them permanently. She does open up the treehouses to those who need to take a break and be alone for a while, however.

One of her goals is to become strong enough to fix other worlds, due to her desire to be useful. She's trained with Lelouch, Axel, and Wheeljack to strengthen her Bending. Don't do that to daddy!

Old goat-chin here will be just fine," stated Karin matter-of-factly. Ichigo was probably having one of those dreams and was woken up right at the good part," she said, giving her twin a wicked smile. Slamming the door, he ran his hand over his face and glared at the tile floor.

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He couldn't understand why he was having dreams about Orihime. She was just a friend…that's all she was. Chad and Ishida did notice that he acted nicer around her, but he just waved it off. Besides, he could never be angry at the bubbly girl no matter how hard he tried. Thinking about her made him remember his dream. Her smooth skin glowing in the moonlight…her large, emotional eyes locked on his…her request… Shaking his head to rid his mind of the images from his dream, he quickly undressed and hopped into the shower.

He could already tell it was going to be one of those days. After hurriedly eating the breakfast that Yuzu had made him, Ichigo bolted out the door before his father could say anything more. His father was a crazed old man and he didn't plan on taking any advice from him anytime soon, that was for sure.

Once he was a block or two away from school, he slowed down to a leisurely stroll, his mind still lingering on his dream. It was the same dream he had been having for the past few weeks or so, and it always ended the same way; either with his alarm clock going off, or his father punching him in the gut.

Seeing the school gates in the distance, he cleared the thoughts from his mind and put on his usual scowl as he entered the school yard. He had a reputation to uphold after all. He nodded to a few of his friends as he passed them in the courtyard, headed up the stairs in the main lobby, and down the hall to his classroom. You all hate me, don't you?! Ichigo sighed and headed into the classroom and took his seat, placing his bag on top of his desk. Chad and Ishida came in shortly afterwards, Ichigo greeting both of them, Chad nodding in return and Ishida merely pushing his glasses up his nose before heading to his seat.

It didn't bother Ichigo; it was just Ishida's usual greeting. Keigo and Mizuiro found their way into the classroom, Keigo instantly accusing everyone of having left him out of something…yet again. Ichigo didn't really hear him or any of the others yelling at Keigo to stop whining.

He was too wrapped up in his own thoughts to even notice Tatsuki punching Keigo in the face and sending him flying across the room. Ichigo looked up to see Orihime coming through the classroom. He blushed slightly, remembering his dream and noted that she looked just like she did in his dream…without the tears of course. She approached him, a light blush spreading across her cheeks.

He noticed how she tended to lower her voice when talking to him, as if she was speaking so that only he would hear her melodious voice. It wasn't like the smile he used to have back when his mother was alive, but Orihime liked the fact that he was gentler with her than with his other friends.

She hurried to her seat, and buried her face in a book to hide her blush. Tatsuki noticed this, and smirked as she took her seat as well. Rukia then came rushing into the classroom looking a bit frazzled, but greeted everyone as she normally did in that sickeningly sweet voice that Ichigo loathed. She took her seat next to Ichigo, and noticed that he was staring absentmindedly at Orihime.

Grinning mischievously, she leaned close to Ichigo. You're staring at Orihime a lot, and I felt your reiatsu spike last night while you were sleeping.

Clearing his throat, he sunk down in his seat and wished that the floor would just swallow him up whole and let him die there. He glanced up and noticed that Orihime was still looking at him. She blushed and quickly busied herself with reading her book.

Rukia did not miss this exchange and took note of it for further tormenting of Ichigo. It was definitely going to be one of those days.