John dillinger billie frechette relationship questions

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john dillinger billie frechette relationship questions

Evelyn Frechette went on a U.S. speaking tour from to As John Dillinger's girlfriend, she had a story to tell. She transformed her tramatic experiences. Evelyn Frechette Mary Evelyn "Billie" Frechette (September 15, – January 13, ) was an waitress, convict, and lecturer known for her personal relationship with the bank robber John Dillinger in the early s. All Quizzes Fresh Lists Trending Topics Frechette met John Dillinger at a cabaret in October Notorious gangster John Dillinger's thank you letter to Henry Ford for making a hoax perpetrated by a Ford dealer or public relations official in There are numerous problems with the popular telling of this story and Paul, Minnesota, where his girlfriend Billie Frechette is being held by the police.

It was Evelyn Frechette all the way. She never asked for pity, and was tough to the end of her life. Evelyn Frechette was a loyal companion to John Dillinger until her arrest in Marchand subsequent trial, conviction and sentencing for harboring a federal fugitive.

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Evelyn Frechette was born on September 15, in Wisconsin. She was a member of the Menominee tribe and and had a blended heritage of French and American Indian. As a child, she attended St. She later left the reservation to receive her secondary education at the Riggs School at Flandreau, South Dakota, from which she graduated.

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But education didn't help her find work and she was forced to take whatever employment she could find. She migrated through Wisconsin into Chicago.

She was married to Welton Spark, who was imprisoned for post office robbery, and went under the name "Billie" Spark. Her first experience in a shootout with Dillinger occurred in November,as the two were leaving the office of Dr. Evelyn traveled with Dillinger in a route that would take them through Florida and into Tucson, Arizona.

There, they were both arrested on January 25,along with other members of the group known as the "First Dillinger Gang. Evelyn was not identified in Tucson and was released on a bond under the alias of "Ann Martin. The two had been living together as Mr. He served less than two years of his two to four year sentence, thanks to having a lawyer.

Imprisonment and Jailbreak Dillinger was sent to the Indiana State Reformatory in Pendleton, where he played on the prison baseball team and worked in the shirt factory as a seamster. As a result, he made many friends within the prison population.

john dillinger billie frechette relationship questions

It was at the state reformatory that Dillinger met Harry Pierpont and Homer Van Meter, two men who would someday join Dillinger in his life of crime. She obtained a divorce on June 20,two days before his birthday. He was devastated and later admitted the event had broken his heart. Dillinger was dealt a second blow when he was denied parole. He had not been an exemplary prisoner, after having tried to escape a few times. But not seeing he was much responsible for his circumstances, he felt bitter and angry about the denial for parole.

Dillinger told prison officials it had a better baseball team, but the truth was he wanted to join friends Pierpont and Van Meter who had been transferred there earlier.

john dillinger billie frechette relationship questions

Dillinger found prison life much harsher and disciplined. He became depressed and withdrawn. It was during this time that Dillinger learned the ropes of crime from seasoned bank robbers.

In addition to reconnecting with Pierpont and Van Meter, he became friends with Walter Dietrich who had worked with the notorious Herman Lamm. A former German army officer, Lamm had emigrated to the United States in the late s. He was famous for planning his bank robberies with the precision of a military tactician.

They had already begun planning bank heists for when they were out. Upon leaving prison, they would bribe a few key guards, get a few guns, and grab a place to lay low for awhile. But they would need money to finance their jail break. Knowing that Dillinger would be freed sooner than they, Pierpont and is colleagues brought him in on their scheme and gave Dillinger a crash course in the art of robbery.

They gave him a list of stores and banks to hold up and contact information of the most reliable accomplices. They also provided him with guidance on where to fence stolen goods and money. In May ofthe plan got an unexpected boost.

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Dillinger had been in the state pen for almost four years. He was notified by his family that his stepmother was near death. He was granted parole, but arrived home after she had died. With the aid of two female accomplices, Pearl Elliott and Mary Kinder, Dillinger put the escape plan in motion. He arranged for several guns to be packed in a box of thread, and smuggled into the shirt factory.

The prison break was set for September 27, Having some time on his hands, Dillinger decided to visit lady friend Mary Longnaker in Dayton, Ohiowhom he had met earlier that year. Unfortunately, the police had been stalking him through much of this time as he gathered the funds for the prison break. He was on his way back to prison. Dillinger was incarcerated at the Lima, Ohio, jail under the care of Sheriff Jess Sarber and his wife, who lived at the jail building.

He realized that with some cash and a few guns he would be able to spring Dillinger. Armed with pistols, the three men approached the jail house just as Sheriff Sarber and his wife were finishing dinner. Pierpont knocked on the door and announced they were officers from the state penitentiary and needed to see Dillinger. When Sarber asked for their credentials, they showed him their guns. Sarber reached for a gun and Pierpont panicked and shot him twice.

Sarber gave them the jail keys and they sprang Dillinger. Sarber died a few hours later.

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This made all members of the gang accessories to murder. Once Dillinger was free, the gang headed to Chicago to put together one of the most organized and deadly bank robbing gangs in the country. To pull many of the big jobs they had planned, Pierpont and Dillinger knew they needed heavy fire power, ammunition, and bullet-proof vests.

To get the equipment, they headed to the police arsenal in Peru, Indiana.

john dillinger billie frechette relationship questions

After casing the joint, Pierpont and Dillinger entered the arsenal, overpowered the three guards, and stole machine guns, sawed-off shotguns and ammunition. The Dillinger Gang After the bold prison escape, the killing of Sarber, the bank robberies, and the attack on the police arsenal, the Pierpont Gang was gaining substantial notoriety.

Gang members were often described as shadowy figures, wearing dark overcoats with hat brims pulled down to hide their identities. All the gang members were well aware of their publicity, particularity Dillinger, who read the stories and saved press clippings. While most men in this line of work possessed big egos, there seemed to be little struggle for leadership within the gang.

Each man had a role to play and the planning of robberies was more egalitarian, with all members providing input. Nearly all members had girlfriends, some had wives, but the attachments were episodic.

The men drank only on the off-hours, and typically beer. Pierpont had a strict rule that planning and committing a crime had to be done without alcohol or drugs. For the next three months the gang went on a crime spree of several bank robberies in IllinoisIndiana, and Wisconsin.

Always meticulously planned, the heists often had a theatrical flair. Another time, they pretended to be a film crew scouting locations for a bank robbery movie. Bystanders looked amused as the real bank heist took place. One story told of a farmer who had come to a bank to make a deposit while the gang was robbing the place. Shortly before they left, one of the gang members fatally shot a police officer while picking up a car at a repair shop.

Since police were looking all over the Midwest for them, and they had plenty of money to live on for a few more months, they decided to keep a low profile. The rest of the gang arrived in Tucson, Arizona, and were experiencing difficulties of their own.

A fire at the hotel where they were staying tipped off police to their whereabouts. John Dillinger and Billie Freshette arrived a day or so after the fire, and registered at a motel nearby. The unexpected event caused the gang members to lose their concentration. The next day, Tucson police rounded up all of them in a few hours, including Dillinger and Freshette.

The next few days were a circus as state officials from the Midwest began to barter for extradition of the prisoners. In time, matters were sorted out and various gang members were assigned to different states for trial. The New Dillinger Gang Dillinger was taken to the office of Lake County Sheriff Lillian Holley, who was serving out the term of her late husband who had been killed in the line of duty. At one point, a photographer asked Dillinger to pose with the other officers.

He obliged and placed his elbow on the shoulder of Indiana state prosecutor Robert Estill. The picture was printed in many Midwest newspapers and ruined the chances for the aspiring lawyer to become governor several years later. The facility was deemed inescapable. On March 3,Dillinger proved them wrong by slipping out of the prison on his own without a shot fired. Legend has it that Dillinger carved a wooden gun, blackened it with shoe polish and used it to escape.

Other accounts speak of corruption from within the prison and that someone slipped him a real gun. However, in the process of doing so, he crossed a state line with the stolen car—a felony—and drew the attention of the FBI. Once arriving in Chicago, Dillinger quickly put together another gang. In this one, its members were not as carefully chosen as the previous gang, being composed of several misfits and a few psychopaths, including Lester Gillis, a.

The new gang located to the St. Paul, Minnesotaarea. During the month of March, the Dillinger Gang went on a crime spree in four states, robbing a half dozen banks.