Kenpachi yachiru relationship with god

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kenpachi yachiru relationship with god

This time it's going to be Kenpachi and Yachiru! *** have been close sense they meet and have made a father-daughter-like relationship. Yachiru and Kenpachi, Bleach Yachiru, the Kamina to Kenpachi's Simon, "Don't believe in yourself, Kenny! Bleach - Kenpachi Zaraki and Yachiru Kusajishi my two favorite people! .. Kurosaki Isshin >>> oh my gods yes! .. I had a serious love-hate relationship with you until I found out why you did what you did then I. Background. Yachiru first met Kenpachi in one of the worst districts of Rukongai the 79th district of the North Alley, Kusajishi, as a nameless child. She crawled.

The first thing he saw when he exited was a group of men attacking a woman who was screaming full volume. Surprisingly, all those who passed avoided looking and hurried on heads down. Annoyed at the impact the screaming had on his headache, he stepped into the fight if only to make it stop.

He violently attacked the men uncaring of the numbers and woke up three days later in another alley with a worse headache and pain in almost every part of his body. Over the course of the next few days his memories of the fight returned in bits and pieces.

Much to his surprise, in the few moments before he took a hit, the joy, freedom and power were a heady rush that left him craving that he had been beaten so easily before he could experience more of the fight, the boy vowed to get strong so he could fight longer and get that rush again. The first step to achieving power he realised, was a good diet.

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Because he was in such a poor district though, food was scarce and often had to be taken by force. Once he squashed his brief though of moral injustice, he viewed his food raids as training missions and had no hesitation in fighting to get it. This in turn aided his next step to power, train until you can no longer move, then drag yourself up and continue. He took to this step like a duck to water and fought everyone he came across regardless of gender or age but as he went on, he realised that he was getting his battle high less and less until one day it was no longer there.

Alarmed by this, he fought with a new ferocity but to no avail. Annoyed and feeling lost without the joy of battle, he wandered the district until he came across a man who beat him in ten hits and a sword slash. Nevertheless, though the fight was short, it was exhilarating.

kenpachi yachiru relationship with god

He had achieved his battle high again. A few more fights that resulted in his being beaten confirmed his theory. He needed a challenging fight to get his high, the problem was, he was as strong in hand to hand as he could get. Wandering along lost in thought, he stumbled over something and looked down to see a man staring back with lifeless, glazed eyes, a black uniform and a sword by his side.

The boy knew what this was, the Shinigami often ran through the district never stopping and all the while looking grimly ahead. He had watched them, annoyed that none of them would accept his offer of a fight and envied their swords glinting and flashing in the light.

To him, they had always symbolised power and here was one at his feet ripe for the taking. Bending down he snatched it up and took off running as a group of thugs saw him. He led them into a back alley and proceeded to unsheathe the sword.

It shone in the light still covered in the blood of it's previous owner. It was soon adorned with more blood and the boy exited the alley leaving several brutally sliced corpses behind him laughing gleefully as he rode out his battle high.

Now with a new method of fighting, he fought with anyone who even so much as looked at him.

kenpachi yachiru relationship with god

With every fight he won, the high grew smaller and smaller but whenever he lost a fight, the high increased and he pushed himself further to achieve more of the addicting feeling. Over time, the wrapping of the hilt faded from black to bandages and the guard changed shape.

The sword felt more precious to him now, it was no longer simply a tool, it was a friend who stood by him in fights and even blocked shots he didn't see coming. Now that his blade helped him, rarely did he encounter a fight he lost and by now, everyone was either too weak or refused to battle him due to his fearsome reputation.

He wandered around for months, years he didn't actually know until one day he encountered a strange lady in a white coat with a sword like his and challenged her. The fight was the best he had ever had, ten minutes in and his high surpassed any he had had before.

Where the hell is Yachiru?

Determined to make it last, he embraced the fear from such a high powered fight and suppressed a rising tide of power he felt within him lest he overpower her. Instantly he knew this to be a mistake as his strength waned and he got a slash down the left side of his face. The blood stung but still he fought on despite the fact that this lady was slowly beating him into the ground. He even got a hit in, a stab just under her neck. Eventually though she won and with a final sword flourish, sliced his abdomen.

Barely moving, he asked her name as she stalked off and got a steely glance and "Unohana Yachiru. Current Kenpachi and The Thirteen Court Guardian squads Eleventh divisions captain" before she turned and left, never looking back. From that point on the boy had motivation. No longer did he simply want to get strong for the sake of it, now he wanted to get strong so he could one day fight The Woman again and experience another heady battle rush.

He fought with a renewed vigour in order to regain his lost strength and eventually had to travel outside his district in order to find good fights. He roamed the wilderness for quite a while, searching for bandits or anyone who looked like they'd be a good fight. He wandered for what felt like an age getting stronger and stronger until one day, while reclining in the shade of a tree, he heard a childlike voice in his head.

Questioning the voice got him no answers so he dismissed it and set off to fight. He came across a whole camp of fighters and challenged them all. It was a good fight and gave him a decent high but nothing near the one off fighting The Woman. Staring at his blade he closed his eyes and fell into a doze as he came down off of his small high. A strange dream plagued him of a young girl who constantly demanded candy and he woke up mumbling strange words and the name Yachiru.

A few moments later, movement caught his eye and he turned to look as a small pink haired girl crawled towards him unheeding of the bloodshed around her.

His attempts at frightening the girl only resulted in her giggling and then stroking the blade of his sword uncaring of the blood. Startled by her reaction and feeling an odd sense of connection, he named the child Kusajishi Yachiru. The name Yachiru seemed to suit her perfectly and he named her after the district they were currently in. The two travelled further and further and when Yachiru was old enough to talk he realise that he had to have a name himself.

Yachiru and Aramaki bring Orihime to Kenpachi and he tells her that he will help her find Ichigo. Kenpachi, Ikkaku, and Yumichika stay behind to fight the new threat, while the remainder of the group continues on towards the Sokyoku Hill in search of Ichigo. As the execution ceremony of Rukia Kuchiki begins, she rushes on ahead to determine the situation.

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After Ichigo rescues Rukia, she waits in the branches of the trees on top of the Sokyoku Hill for the others to arrive. When Aramaki becomes confused over Yachiru's use of similar nicknames for both himself and Ichinose, he requests that Yachiru not call him Maki-Maki. Yachiru denies that the nicknames can be confused, insisting that they are completely different. Kenpachi says they should leave Ichinose alone, prompting Yachiru to reveal that she feels responsible for Ichinose's situation.

Yachiru states that she is glad he is alive, but Kenpachi tells her that he is probably being kept alive, though he does not know by whom. Yachiru is present for a meeting of several Gotei 13 captains and lieutenants, where Mayuri reveals that his data-bank has been broken into by someone. Yachiru asks what information has been read and Mayuri states that it was on the Bounts.

After the meeting, Kenpachi tells Yachiru that he has a bad feeling about this incident and the return of Ichinose. She asks him why that is, but he states that he does not know. Yachiru tells him that he must be worried about Ichinose, which Kenpachi denies. After Ikkaku is attacked in Seireitei, Yachiru listens as he tells Kenpachi that the intruder got away. As the Shinigami search for the Bount, Yachiru enjoys watching them conducting the search. When Kenpachi decides to leave, Yachiru jumps on his shoulder, prompting him to ask her if she is bored.

Yachiru states that she's relieved, explaining that if Ichinose is with the Bount, he would not be able to enjoy his fight with him when they cross paths. Kenpachi replies that he does not care about that, but is concerned about how Ichinose is being used.

When they encounter Ichinose attacking Ichigo and the search party in a forest in Rukongai, Yachiru greets Ichinose, Ichigo, and Orihime. At Kenpachi's behest, she moves away from the pair and watches them fighting, encouraging both to do their best. She tells Ichigo to let them fight, saying that it will make Ichinose happy. As Kenpachi is engulfed in light from one of Ichinose's attacks, Ichinose informs her that he has been killed.

Yachiru tells him that he is wrong and goes to leave. True to her words, Kenpachi reappears and defeats him. Yachiru bows to the defeated Ichinose and leaves with Kenpachi. She explains that she and Kenpachi were fighting Hollows in Rukongai.

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They headed back as soon as they received word of what was happening, but got lost on the way, hence why they were late. When Kenpachi berates her for revealing that they got lost, she gets upset, defending her statements. She also expresses her annoyance at Kenpachi for running past a candy store without stopping.

Zaraki promises to take her back to the candy store later and tells her to get back, as he is about to cut loose. She agrees and gets off Kenpachi's shoulders. Thinking they were playing a game of hide-and-seek, she chases Ashisogi Jizo around. This then morphs into a game of tag and she manages to pin it down briefly by grabbing its wings. Ashisogi Jizo almost releases its Bankai form, but is subsequently caught by Kenpachi and then detonated by Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

kenpachi yachiru relationship with god

She is then seen as the Shinigami begin treating the injured. Yachiru and Kenpachi are found to be the only one's caught in Ashisogi Jizo's poison that were unaffected by it. Yachiru claims that she held her breath, but Mayuri informs her that the poison should have gone through her pores. Captain Shunsui Kyoraku claims that Kenpachi probably used his Reiatsu to blow away the poison. Kenpachi and Yachiru enter the Zanpakuto's hideout first and initially get lost in the caves.

They then encounter Gonryomaru and Tenken as the Zanpakuto Spirits are alerted to the Shinigami's presence. As Zaraki fights the two spirits, Yachiru realizes that they are fighting defensively, and that the Zanpakuto are stalling for time and trying to keep Ichigo separated from the other Shinigami. After the defeat of Gonryomaru, Zaraki tells Yachiru to get out of the way as the fight is about to become more serious.

kenpachi yachiru relationship with god

Beast Swords arc After the events involving Muramasa and the Zanpakuto rebellion, Yachiru is seen going about her daily activities again. She is seen eating large amounts of sweets as the Shinigami Women's Association have another one of their gatherings, after Zabimaru and Senbonzakura accidentally discover 12th Division's secret surveillance system of all of Seireitei in the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. Yachiru and the other members of the Shinigami Women's Association are soon discovered by Captain Byakuya Kuchiki as they are revealed to have been hiding in a secret room when Senbonzakura caused a number of technology malfunctions in an attempt to shut down the surveillance system.

Yachiru, along with a number of other officers of the Gotei 13 and their Zanpakuto, then appear to confront both Zabimaru and Senbonzakura when they accidentally destroy the buildings of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. During their fight, Nnoitra injures Kenpachi and, believing that he has won, turns his attention to Yachiru.

Orihime uses her Santen Kesshun to shield her. Yachiru, however, points out that he should look behind him as Kenpachi releases a large volume of Reiatsu and cuts off Nnoitra's arm.