Kotohime ending a relationship

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Ending a relationship is especially hard when you're not entirely confident that ending it is the right choice. Unfortunately, it's hard to know for. Back in the first compendium I ended up comparing Kotohime to Norton I, .. I wonder what is her relationship with Yuuka as she lives in the dream world?. Kirei sheds tears after seeing that his father cared about him until the end, but .. from Kirei as much as possible from the beginning to end of their relationship.

Sure enough, she rounded a bend to find a muddy riverbank littered with scraps of clothing and what looked like the contents of a toolbox, the moist earth beneath soaked an almost black color. Worse were the flesh-colored bits, as well the splash of azure hair half-hidden behind a rock. Kotohime slowly hovered her way around the mossy boulder, dreading what she knew she was about to see, but there are some times you just have to deal with a severed head.

Despite being unattached to the rest of its body, it still sported a cheery smile, as well as a sporty cap. Kotohime whirled, her jitte out and pointed at the source of the sound within a split-second.

The underbrush hugging the riverbank parted from an unseen force, and then a section of air seemed to shimmer as through a heat haze, or as though sheets of water were running down over something invisible — something that shortly became Nitori Kawashiro, hale and whole, if looking a little rattled. Nitori tended to have a wide-eyed, "deer-in-the-headlights" look on her face until she was certain whoever she was talking with wasn't a threat, but today she looked positively happy to see Kotohime.

Some sort of respawn system, perhaps? Or do you have a bank of clones hidden somewhere to beam your mind into?

Ah, no, nothing quite that advanced. That's not me," explained Nitori, her hands held up to fend off Kotohime's accusations. She looked closer at one of the flesh-colored bits, then picked it up to examine the chunk. While the skin looked and felt lifelike, there was no blood staining it, and protruding from beneath it were broken pistons and dangling wiring.

That explained the smell of engine oil, at least. She hooked her thumbs beneath the criss-crossing straps of her dangerously overstuffed backpack, her bosom swelling with pride. Modifications, attachments, special settings-" "I didn't — it was just a — okay, maybe once-" "Arm cannons, rocket boots, that sort of thing," finished the princess.

kotohime ending a relationship

Don't suppose you saw it happen? Nitori crouched down on her haunches beside one piece of the mangled robot, precariously balancing her bulky backpack, and shook her head. I wanted to see how the Nitoribot behaved when left by herself, so I went for a half-hour swim.

kotohime ending a relationship

Came back and she was in pieces. The kappa gave her a surly look, which the policewoman ignored as she inspected the crime scene for clues. This bit of property damage seems to have been done by a blunt object. The kappa was careful not to touch it, which Kotohime appreciated. The princess quickly pulled on a pair of gloves so she could handle the object without contaminating the evidence.

Kotohime didn't bother to ask how the youkai knew that. You heard things about kappa, things involving hands reaching into body cavities, fell deeds that even Kotohime didn't need to know the details of.

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She squinted down at it, reached inside her sleeve to produce what looked like a salt or pepper shaker, then held the wrench by its tooly bits with one hand while the other shook the vial over its grip. She flicked a switch on its side to extend a squarish glass pane, then handed it over to Kotohime, who murmured her thanks. The princess peered at the attempted murder weapon, walking into the light of the riverbank to get a better look at what the dust had revealed.

She nodded, coming to a decision. Nitori's pigtails flopped as she cocked her head. And that means-" Kotohime deliberately paused, waiting for Nitori to jump in, but instead the youkai engineer continued to stand in silent bafflement.

Nitori stared for a few long seconds, opened her mouth, closed it, and opened it again to say "What. But Minoriko's made of all sorts of tasty goodness: Normally she'd be ordering lunch about now.

It's the only explanation that makes any sort of sense. I'd better-" Kotohime was cut off by a sound like a mechanical cricket chirruping from her clothing. She wordlessly help up a finger to silence Nitori, then pressed firmly on her badge.

Shots fired, nobody hurt so far, but it's-" "The Akis," Kotohime interrupted, as she gave Nitori a grim look. Then Kaguya and Mokou tried to go in, but something went wrong, and I can't raise Mokou. She leapt into the air, racing away like a bolt of purple justice, trying to shake the feeling that she was forgetting something… -x- Gensokyo Food Bank She used her jitte to push her way through the gawking crowd, poking and whapping the foolish bystanders hoping for some lunchtime entertainment.

She really needed to get more girls on the force so they could get up some proper barricades. Luckily the area in front of the food bank itself was clear of potential collateral damage.

There were a few abandoned carts and wagons parked in the street, and hunkered behind one of them was one of Kotohime's officers. Mystia Lorelei was nearly bent over double by the weight of her dusky black riot gear, especially since she had to remove the backplate of her armored jacket to accommodate her wings, leaving her off-balance. Her head snapped up at Kotohime's approach, making her oversized helmet tilt lopsidedly.

She crouched down next to the girl, taking a moment to straighten Mystia's headgear. Why do they have guns?! There was no sign of Kaguya, but that was rather the point, wasn't it? Kaguya's marksmanship training would come in handy today, she wagered. It faded when she realized someone was missing. Kotohime grimaced and followed Mystia's pointing finger.

Sure enough, two carts down a small blue figure hovered to peer over the top of her barricade, a megaphone nearly the size of her head gripped in her tiny hands. Kotohime peeked around the front of the cart. The food bank was a simple two-story building designed much like any other shop on the street, but its windows were dark and shuttered, its door all but closed.

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Still, Kotohime couldn't miss the splash of vivid orange lurking just behind the threshold, a gleaming metal object cradled in the thin figure's hands. The rest of us are immortal, but you need more protection. Here," she said, rifling through the duffel bags on the dirt road beside them to extract a pair of riot shields.

Now, stay in cover, I'm going to relieve Cirno. The policewoman didn't look back, instead dashing to her other minion's side with a quick burst of flight.

Cirno jerked her head around in surprise, before her face lit up as she recognized Kotohime. There was frost all over the grip, but Kotohime stoically endured it, making a mental note to wear gloves around Cirno now that summer was apparently over. A blonde head poked back into sight just past the open door. Kotohime could just make out a faint "Oh thank goodness" before Shizuha remembered to glare and shouted "What do you want, copper?

Now, you might be new to the whole hostage-taking business, but normally you'd make some demands at this point. This is part of a plan! I'm not… we're not…" The elder Aki sister shook her head, as though trying to dislodge some cobwebs. Her cheery smile faded as she lowered the amplifier. This didn't feel right. She knew perps could get stressed out during their illegal activities, and the pressure cooker of a hostage situation could certainly lead to lawbreakers having second thoughts about their current path through life.

But it almost felt like Shizuha didn't know what she was doing here in the first place. Oh hey, this looks promising! Like her sister, Minoriko Aki cradled a vintage assault rifle in her arms, and Kotohime couldn't help but think that the harvest goddess could have at least tried to better accessorize her weapon with her outfit. Maybe an orange ribbon or two, or perhaps a sweet potato stuck on a bayonet.

Shouldn't you be at a harvest festival or something? Instead of, you know, firing heavy weaponry at law-abiding citizens? It could have been due to Minoriko having two left feet, but Kotohime thought she looked just as disoriented as her sibling. You should fear us, not invite us to a party once a year and then forget about us!

So that if there's a bad crop this year the humans can continue to stuff their faces? So that it doesn't matter if I've not been properly appeased?

I will not be replaced by a warehouse! And then…" The younger Aki sister looked about wildly. Why should humans live in defiance of the seasons, but not goddesses? She cleared her throat before picking up the amplifier again. Bring 'er out front so we can get a good look! Kaguya was too focused to waste words on a response. Hopefully they could finish this up before lunchtime. Kotohime's stomach gurgled at the thought of the cans and sacks and barrels of food just a few yards away from her, with nothing but two uncharacteristically belligerent goddesses and a pair of the Soviet Union's most notorious export in her way.

She could almost smell sweet potatoes from across the street. Less than a minute later Minoriko returned, while Shizuha prodded a grey-haired woman along with the barrel of her gun. Fujiwara no Mokou, immortal phoenix warrior, police officer, and now part-time hostage, looked more bored than anything, stoically enduring a large bruise covering the side of her head.

After one last poke, Shizuha stood at sloppy attention, her rifle's barrel swaying as she looked around. The police chief nodded. She had no idea where the Lunarian had gotten the thing, whether it was an import from the moon or elsewhere.

She wasn't sure if there was any special propellant or ammunition involved. But one thing was for certain: A watermelon being hit with a sledgehammer came to mind. The Aki sisters stared down in wide-eyed horror. It was a pretty complex tactical maneuver, surrounding someone like that. Minoriko backed away, still staring wide-eyed at the mess, before abruptly whirling and following her sister. Well, it had been worth a shot. She was usually in good cheer if Mokou had died recently, more so if she had been directly or indirectly responsible.

It was just one of the quirks of their relationship, Kotohime supposed. The police chief blinked in surprise — somehow the dust-covered sparrow girl had gotten upright and staggered over to join them. The problem, Kotohime reflected, was that until she finished that cloning tank, she'd never get a police force as competent as its leader. She'd just have to make do with what was available.

Yagokoro thinks she can save the man's leg," the insect youkai explained. She stoically ignored her empty stomach as another thought occurred to her. But remind me to fine the owners for safety violations afterward, they should have at least included a fire exit.

She landed in an action roll and bounced out of it in time to end up with her back against the wall to the side of the food bank's door. The princess held the pose for several heartbeats, then spun and rolled through the portal, coming out of the maneuver on one knee in the food bank's shadowy lobby, her pistol jerking around as she searched for a target. Nothing to blast at, no audience to appreciate her awesome entrance. Well, other than… Kotohime tapped her earpiece. You're in my way, sir," the sniper replied a shade reproachfully.

Ah…" Kotohime could almost feel Kaguya's scoped gaze sweeping the outside of the structure. Most are shuttered, it's dark inside, and I can't see any movement. If it's alright, I'd like to come see to my partner. I'm moving deeper into the building.

There were so many places to hide, she realized as she cautiously pulled a flashlight from her sleeve to illuminate the unlit building. Storage rooms, offices, piles of canned goods- "Chief?

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Kotohime made a quick gesture for them to stack up behind her. Cirno smiled and nodded, while Mystia gulped loudly. The police chief led her team down a hallway, hugging one wall, methodically checking each adjacent room for any sign of the rogue Aki sisters, expecting a hail of gunfire at any moment. But there was nothing but the gentle sound of hundreds of pounds of long-lasting foodstuffs waiting to be eaten, dried fruit and salted meat and why couldn't this all have happened after lunch?

Kotohime felt it almost immediately, like she'd crossed twenty degrees of latitude in one step. These two aren't known for cryomancy, so we might have a wild card on our hands. Looking down, Kotohime saw a layer of frost covering the floorboards, tendrils of mist curling up from it as warmer air from outside seeped in. Mystia's wings shuddered from the cold, or perhaps nervousness. Or rather, what was left of them. Two discarded assault rifles lay on the floor, almost hidden by a layer of rime.

Shizuha's clothes were in a rumpled pile, brilliant red and orange leaves spilling out from the sleeves to coat the frosty floor like a bloodstain. Minoriko had met a similar fate, it seemed, though her remains resembled an exploded cornucopia, with assorted treats and vegetables lying in a rough pile around her own dress.

And standing over them was a tall, matronly woman with lavender eyes and hair under a white cap, wearing a dress as blue as a clear winter sky- Cirno squealed with delight and flung herself into Letty Whiterock's arms, making the woman lurch from the impact before Letty burst into warm laughter, smiling like she'd been greeted by a favored niece. She took a step backward to prop herself against the wall, rubbing her temple with one hand as she tried to make sense of it all. Kotohime lowered her pistol — but only a bit.

Kotohime frowned, tilting her head as she looked up at the ceiling. Then she seemed to remember what was on the floor nearby and added "Oh, and did you see what happened to them? The three policewomen jerked in surprise. Like they're autumn goddesses, so you show up and kick them out until next fall? There will be no more autumns. No spring will follow this winter. This is the end. And then a sudden wind gusted through the room, spraying snow and ice crystals so that Mystia and Kotohime had to shield their eyes.

When the whiteout was over, Letty was gone. The ice fairy's good mood faded as she reconsidered. I don't want that, I want to see her lots of times! Not as satisfactory as it could have been, but beggars, choosers.

The guns were coated in a hoary layer of ice, the metal cold enough to cause blisters. Kotohime furiously tried to rub some life back into her fingers. Cirno hopped to her feet, wincing in embarrassment. Or more accurately, squabbling in front of it. She was looking hale and whole, if surly, squatting on the porch and frowning down at the mess left behind from her hostage situation, her hands brushing against her blood-soaked collar as she tried to fix her hair.

I'm surprised you didn't die of embarrassment. Remove the hostage and you remove the hostage-takers' bargaining position. The Lunarian smoothly turned to throw a salute, still smiling. Looking better, Mokou," added Kotohime, nodding at the sitting woman. The phoenix-themed immortal caught the morsel without looking at it, then had to do a double-take when she saw what was in her hand.

She looked up at Kotohime, her grey eyes lost and bewildered. And you said Nitori was almost murdered? Where do the Akis fit in with all of this? We remember our training, we keep our heads-" Mokou snorted, while Kaguya's grin managed to get even wider.

Kaguya wordlessly hurried into the food bank. Just like solving an Incident. The little specialist store was tucked away in the suburbs, where houses had proper lawns and trees lined the roads, a compromise between the urban offerings of the village proper and the more wild youkai lands surrounding it, much like how Kourindou's half-human owner bridged those two worlds.

Said owner was a reliable source of unreliable information, but occasionally he could come up with something useful… sometimes in ways you wouldn't expect from a mild-mannered shopkeeper. The police chief pushed the door open with a cheery electronic ding-dong! Morichika," replied Kotohime with a curt nod. He paused in the act of wiping off his spectacles.

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I'm in trouble, aren't I? What can I do for you? Kourindou didn't stock a normal inventory, after all. Here on the fringes of Gensokyo, items from the outside world occasionally materialized, waiting for an enterprising half-youkai to collect them, tidy them up, and put them up for resale. Sort of like fencing, though pseudonatural forces were at work rather than outright theft, and Rinnosuke was usually more interested in holding onto his finds than selling them. Probably legal, then, if in a bit of a grey area when it came to tax codes.

The princess stalked over to Rinnosuke's counter and leaned against it, looking the halfblood right at his golden eyes from uncomfortably close range.

Cracked crystal ball, Miss Izayoi from the Mansion bought that, she didn't say why. A pair of strange trousers — you wouldn't believe how wide the legs were! A shiny silvery color, and I never figured out what they were made from, either-" "And you have records of all these transactions?

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