Martin scorsese leonardo dicaprio relationship

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martin scorsese leonardo dicaprio relationship

Download MP3 In this bonus episode of BWB, Austin talks about Leonardo DiCaprio and his relationship with director Martin Scorsese. The episode that goes. The pair's relationship is one of the most successful DiCaprio called his collaboration with Martin as "accidental" and considered. Directed by Martin Scorsese. With Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Kate Beckinsale, John C. Reilly. A biopic depicting the early years of legendary Director.

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He is now a patient at Ashecliffe Hospital for the criminally insane on Shutter Island in the earlys. John Crawley played by Ben Kingsleyto drive Teddy back to reality as, all the while, Teddy is haunted by the image of his dead wife. Essentially he played three different versions of the character. One was more flippant, one was completely committed to the case at hand and one was more erratic, out of control and violent.

Mannerisms, twitches, repetitions, moving his feet a certain way, walking up and down the room a certain way, the constant use of cigarettes. The danger was not to throw the audience such a heavy clue too soon in the film. You can see the choices in the visualization and the editing choices.

And if you look at the editing choices, you can see the acting choices, different clues and references throughout. But put into the right moments in the film you can understand that he has a reason for acting that way. Because when Thelma edited with me, we were very specific about the looks and the moves of his eyes and his body language, all of that, and the sense of betrayal of trust with the doctor and with everyone.

Get out of the cockpit. And through the wall of flames, like Zeus, comes Bob Richardson.

martin scorsese leonardo dicaprio relationship

What is wrong with you? How could you go through flames? How does your hair not catch on fire? Starting off with Ferretti, the actor says he was the one that first really blew his mind.

martin scorsese leonardo dicaprio relationship

He rebuilt the entire Spruce Goose and the construction of that whole thing and the Coconut Grove. The mother was great. And I was amazed by [Leo]. And then, I realized that it was actually a staged film. And then, he made Titanic, which I had nothing to do with. But at that point, it was a big crossroads in my career. So, we started that way. He came on the set of Bringing Out the Dead, and we talked about working together on Gangs.

Leo, as you were growing up, when did you start paying attention to who directed films, and looking at films from that point of view? So, I quickly gave myself a film education.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese Re-teaming For Teddy Roosevelt Biopic

I watched three or four films a day, for what seemed like a year. I remember watching Taxi Driver, specifically, and having the protagonist fool me, in that way.

I was so invested in his loneliness and had such empathy for that character, and then, all of a sudden, he was doing an assassination attempt.

Golden Globes 2007 Martin Scorsese Best Director Motion Picture

But more so than that, the areas that Marty was able to explore in his filmmaking, he made you feel so incredibly uncomfortable. He had a way of immersing you in his filmmaking that just really stood out to me, as a young actor. I want to be able to be in one scene of his films. Jay Cocks had written the original script, with the entire first section and the battle in the streets and the setting up of Five Points and where I had set the end.

But, the character of Amsterdam changed a lot when we got Leo in. The character of Bill the Butcher was in the original, but that changed somewhat, too.

All of it really had an extraordinarily complex evolution, as we were making the film, shooting it, rewriting and working on it there. Gangs of New York was the first time you worked together. Before you started shooting, did you have intensive discussions about the character, his look and the psychology, or did that happen once filming began? Honestly, I feel that every film has been different.

You feel that some things need to be discussed at length, and others can be a discovery process. With some films, we talk about the character, the psychology of the character, the historical facts of that time and being relevant.

And then, other films have had a looseness to them. When Leo agreed to do Gangs, the script was still in flux. Both Jay and I were working on it, for many years.

The character of Amsterdam had to be shaped to Leo. I seem to work better that way, when an actor really wants to do it, so that I can shape it around the actors natural behavior, to a certain extent, and utilize it. That was a constant evolution, as we worked on it. Day by day, it kept changing. We kept finding it, as we tried different things.

It was an exciting time, but also difficult and crazy. It was days of shooting, and we were shooting in Rome. It was an amazing set.

martin scorsese leonardo dicaprio relationship

They really recreated turn-of-the-century New York. If you walked through the backlot, there was an entire bay of New York in the s. You got lost in it. It was a really incredibly difficult undertaking because the entire set was built, and we had to shoot a movie in it.

So, we were not really in Rome. We were in the Five Points, every day. And a lot of people were in character, constantly. Marty, Leo and Daniel Day-Lewis are two great actors with very different approaches.

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How did you deal with that? You just do both. I remember one of the first days, Daniel Day-Lewis and Marty were getting their feet wet in the whole process, and Daniel wanted to know how to cut the meat. They got a big piece of meat and they sat there, almost the whole nine hours, discussing how to cut the meat.

My brother used to work in a butcher shop. The butcher was very, very important. The biggest issue was choosing the right knife. He had a few. We had to get him out of retirement. He was a cobbler. Before that film, he was making shoes for six years, in Italy. He was unsure whether he was going to start acting again.

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio

So, I had a big conversation with him, about one of the greatest actors of our time, if not ever, getting back into the industry. It was a pretty interesting conversation. Leo, as an actor, do you prefer doing more takes per scene, or do you like to shoot quickly? I do prefer doing more takes. More details come out, in the way another actor says something.

You come further and further to the truth, the more you escalate. Maybe it peaks around the 5th or 6th take.