Mother son relationship tumblr goals

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mother son relationship tumblr goals

Future goals Future Mom, Future Goals, Mommy And Son, Mom And Baby, @ rachelskutt Ohana, Cute Kids, Cute Babies, Baby Kids, Couple Relationship. The relationship between mother and daughter is one of the strongest. “As a child, I was very careful not to erase my mother's writing on the. a conversation between a mother and son after the snowball. Steve: *picking Dustin up from the snowball* So how was the snowball? Asked any girls to dance ?.

Their birth parents died, so they were orphans for a while until they got adopted by this asshole. His name is Gozaburo Kaiba. Noah was hit by a car and had his brain uploaded to a virtual reality, but his dad got tired of the scheme and scrapped it altogether to leave his biological son in virtual limbo because he was that sort of asshole.

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Then he committed suicide by jumping out a window because Seto took over all the shares in Kaiba Corp. Or he comes back and dies with Noah in the anime. He has a father! His name is Mr.

mother son relationship tumblr goals

Clown lost to Sugoroku back in the day and it caused him to age 50 years in one night, because games really are that serious in this series. Shit happened and Mr. Clown accidentally set his own shop on fire. As for the anime timeline? Ryuji owns his own gaming business and his parents are probably deceased. His game was about to get some serious licensing thanks in part to this guy, Pegasus J.

In the manga, Pegasus had 2 adopted sons. Yako And his twin brother Gekko Pegasus tried to find an orphan girl named Dot to complete the set, but to no avail Yako and Gekko became orphans again when Pegasus was murdered by Yami Bakura.

Gekko was oddly calm about the entire ordeal, whereas Yako went completely apeshit. He thought Yugi had something to do with it since he was the last person who had any sort of contact with Pegasus. In actuality, though, Yako was just a really shitty detective. When Ryuji is not fawning over Pegasus and his business practicesRyuji has the hots for this girl. Her name is Shizuka. She lives with her mom. Shizuka has a close relationship with her older brother Jounouchi.

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Jounouchi was left behind in the divorce to deal with their alcoholic father with a gambling problem. Why did his mom leave him behind when she clearly could have made the case to take both kids with her?

Maybe it has something to do with the divorce laws in Japan. Maybe it had to do with finances.


Or maybe mom played favorites and left her own son rot in a cycle of domestic abuse and hardship. Jounouchi briefly dueled a fisherman named Ryouta. He loves the ocean and his dad died in a shipwreck. They have no perceived pattern of abuse, death, or drama within their families. They are disproportionately functional compared to everyone else.

Her name is Mai. Speaking of kids, this is Rebecca.

mother son relationship tumblr goals

Rebecca is a child prodigy who lives with her grandfather, Arthur. Arthur is the best friend of Sugoroku. Rebecca is a character that was only introduced in the anime, so she only gets one adventure choice. There are other characters who only have one adventure choice, too. He had a pretty good childhood up until the rest of his family drowned when their swanky cruise ship sank in the ocean.

He washed ashore on an island and became a feral child who worshiped Duel Monster cards until he was rescued a few years later. Unable to adjust to urban society, he joined up with an Atlantean cult when he reached adulthood.

mother son relationship tumblr goals

One of his team mates in this Atlantean cult was Amelda Amelda is from a war torn likely Eastern European country. His parents died in the war and he witnessed his little brother get blown up in a tank. He realized the war was funded by private corporate entities and decided Kaiba Corp ran by Gozaburo at the time needed to pay back what they took from him, and only the magic of Atlantis would grant the revenge he sought.

He was always butting heads with his other team mate, Valon. He was looked after by a nun who served as the element of temperance and showed him kindness, serving as the much needed, pivotal maternal figure in his life. She died in a fire that was started by a local gang who had bought her church.

It probably smoothed over a lot of rough edges, but the affection to it was nice, understandable. Isle of Dogs— the internet discussion around this movie was a bummer, but I just thought it was a really cool visit into Wes Anderson World. Spiderman is a crappy character, but I think that movie is really fucking a neat piece of work. Or interesting at least. It works here because so much time has passed, that you can read it in a way that maybe is more how it was meant to be read, perversely.

The Other Side of the Wind!!! The pop-up book sequence, in particular, I just thought was really something to watch. I saw some of it on an airplane and it stood out on a little airplane screen… 3. Death of Stalin— just a mean, nasty, heartless movie, for the mean, nasty, heartless times we get to be alive for. Done as simply as it is, you really get a clearer look at what makes their stuff work than usual. Because, well, they connect the stories to themselves, I suppose, and we all love hearing about ourselves, so long as the people in the stories are us, but not us.

Not us in the end, especially.