Raw shark texts ending a relationship

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raw shark texts ending a relationship

There are points in Steven Hall's THE RAW SHARK TEXTS where i was convinced I can't discuss the end of the book without spoiling it. I am annoyed that the connection between the two women was never explained. Introduction The Raw Shark Texts can be read as a regular novel, with a Luxophage, a conceptual fish, and endures another shark attack at the end of this meeting (p. They also state that that there is a relationship between exposure to. What I thought was strange in the end was that Eric finds happiness in this . Despite my last blog, I definitely did see the connection to Jaws in.

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It's only after this that he abandons the mechanical, clockwork life he has in place and sets out - into the next Act, into a deeper layer of fiction. It's on this deeper layer that things start to go very odd indeed. Unlikely things start to happen, other people start to acknowledge the weirdness that's going on.

Most importantly, Nobody and Scout come into play. Then we move on again, into the un-places. At the end, Eric's body is found at the same location where he enters the un-place, something that he never really surfaces from.

He goes deeper into the world and deeper into fiction. From there, we're in crazy country, and meet the Doctor and so on. Eric and Scout find out more about each other, they clash, they begin to realise things about each other.

Eric puts together a relatively full picture of how he came to be here. And then he goes deeper, one more time. It's at this final, deepest level where the book reaches its climax. Every concept, every idea becomes "real" for the characters.

Eric has gone from a man wrestling with his guilt and fear and dissociation, to a man on a "quest" to deal with the mysteries plaguing him, to a man journeying through forgotten ideas and hidden secrets, to a man literally standing on a boat in an ocean and recreating Jaws by throwing spears at the "real" giant shark which represents all he's been struggling against.

raw shark texts ending a relationship

The book is essentially about how concepts, ideas live on beyond us, and take on a life of their own. The whole conceptual fish idea states this outright; they're created and fuelled by human imagination, Jung's collective unconscious. It's no coincidence that Eric goes from a grieving boyfriend to troubled psych patient to diligent explorer to mythic hero recreating one of the great movie battles of our time.

raw shark texts ending a relationship

Cleo, as he reconceptualises her again and again, goes from a woman with brain cancer to a woman with a malignant, self-perpetuating memetic AI infecting her mind, to a heroine - but always a bait, a lure, a guide or a motive for Eric's story.

Commentary on the role of women in fiction? They are its opposite -- a navigable vacuum roamed by intellectual exiles and conceptual prey…not outcasts, understand, but reality's expatriates and refugees.

True to our era this world, as well as the conventional reality from which Sanderson has come, is rich with information and output. From sound-bytes to correspondence, images to articles, take-out menus to telephone books, Sanderson's world is seemingly blanketed with more informational fragments than there have been ashes from Mount St.

Questions:The Raw Shark Texts-End

And like fallen leaves and urban detritus, these fragments serve as the perfect camouflage for a man hiding from a conceptual shark, to which a single emission of personal information is like a drop of blood in seawater. Sanderson buries his own identity beneath the mannerisms and speech patterns of someone else and covers his personal possessions with the correspondence of others. He builds a figurative cage around his immediate living space with the endless informational whisperings of several non-divergent conceptual loops, played by four Dictaphones positioned around him like points on a compass.

So, exactly what is after Sanderson? He flees from a "Ludovician Shark", which lives in a meta-reality that can impact his own reality. When the fish is summoned usually involuntarilyit feeds on human memory. The Ludovician is, unfortunately, territorial; its victims never suffer just one attack.

It tracks and attacks its prey until death.

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Even amnesia and insanity offer no escape: In the creation of this Ludovician, Hall has provided the perfectly constructed pseudo-explanation for elderly dementia and the gradual erosion of memory in Alzheimer's patients. Also, there are many well-conceived, almost tangible images in Hall's writing, as here, when he attempts and eventually fails to express some incalculable fear to Clio, who nimbly diffuses his panic: Again, an idea that seems to underlie the entire book: These fundaments of culture and personal expression, these phonic constructions, which are so closely linked to human emotion and identity, bear a potentially devastating traumatic force.

Clio is three-dimensional and her motivations entirely believable.