Relationship counselling melbourne west

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relationship counselling melbourne west

Relationship counselling melbourne helps couples recognize this issue within their relationship and resolve these issues with successful negotiations, solutions . 95 Results We have found 95 businesses for Marriage, Family & Personal Counselling in MELBOURNE - WESTERN SUBURBS, VIC - drummond street services. Relationship counselling advice in Caroline Springs, Hillside, Keilor and Melton. Our relationship psychologist help people in a relationship to move forward.

Investments of honesty, respect, expressions of love and freedom help the relationship to be healthy and loving. When a couple originally opens a relationship investment account they are enthusiastic and have plans for their investment to grow and give a healthy and happy return in the future.

However, over time they sometimes lose sight of their relationship investment and forget to frequently top it up with the same levels of attention, focus, energy and time. They may settle into a state where the relationship is no longer healthy and communication no longer as strong as it once was. The relationship investment gradually loses its value and starts to go downhill without either partner realising it. Stressful transitional times put pressure on relationships, be they between couples, family members, colleagues or friends.

Such events may include the birth of a child, loss of a loved one, separation, infidelity, loss of employment, blending of families, moving interstate, or starting a new job.

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It can be very difficult to adjust to these changes of circumstances, but counselling can help people to work out what needs to change and draw upon their strengths and coping strategies to repair or restore their relationships. If you and your partner are experiencing relationship problems, counsellors at Western Plains Psychology can help you to work through your issues and work towards overcoming differences and repeating patterns of distress in the relationship.

People seeking counselling support present with a range of problems including power imbalances, trust issues, conflicting ways of rearing the children or managing the finances, breakdown in communication and intergenerational issues. A good counsellor will never take sides, insisting that one partner is sole to blame or completely faultless.

After all, every relationship requires two people, and those two individuals create every problem—even if one person started it or plays a more significant role. Unconditional positive regard means listening without judgement or shaming you. It does not mean approving of everything you do. You should feel like your therapist cares about and will not judge you. But you should also know that your therapist may challenge you if your behaviour is damaging your relationship or your life.

In couples counselling, this tendency to challenge clients is often more apparent, since your therapist gets more information about your behaviour. If you feel judged or shamed, tell your therapist, but otherwise, expect that gentle guidance and correction are healthy and fundamental components of effective couples counselling.

Mediation Without Judgement A good counsellor directs therapy in such a way that you make progress and have meaningful discussions. He or she does not just endlessly talk about feelings or allow you to fight without intervening. In this regard, the most experienced counsellors are a lot like mediators, but with one crucial caveat: The Primacy of Homework Couples counselling is typically only an hour or two a week.

That alone is not enough to improve your relationship. To see real change, you must work on the skills you learn in therapy each and every moment you are outside of counselling. Many couples counsellors give homework to help you hone new skills. Three Seas offers comprehensive counselling for couples at every stage of their relationship, from premarital counselling to counselling couples who have been together for decades.

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Let us show you a path to a better relationship. Improved Relationship Techniques A relationship means a lot like a piece of art. The result depends on how good your artistry skills are. The overwhelming majority of problems can be solved if you have the right skills. Good counsellors will offer you referrals and educational opportunities where necessary. For instance, if you and your partner are always fighting over a home renovation project, your psychologist may advise that you work with a home renovating consultant or that each of you list your home remodelling goals before continuing with the project.

Clarification of Relationship Issues We all enter relationships with a suitcase full of unstated expectations.

relationship counselling melbourne west

We all have different experiences that shape these expectations. Growing up in an abusive household, for example, could cause you to believe that a high degree of conflict is normal, but this dispute could be a frightening deal-breaker for your partner. Likewise, many of us grow up with gendered expectations.

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Many men are taught not to share their feelings — a dangerous lesson that can prove fatal to their relationships. Women, by contrast, may grow up with a vision of a chivalrous Prince Charming, only to find that a real partner falls far short of these desires. Consultations work by helping you clarify your expectations. Your counsellor will encourage you to list both your conscious and unconscious desires for your love life.


If you want your spouse to have more sex with you, for example, you might need to offer more assistance with household finances or chores. Whether you work together or separately, your counsellor can help you brainstorm strategies for ensuring both of your needs are met in a healthy and mutually satisfying way. Increased Couple Intimacy Many couples use the term intimacy to refer to sex, but the truth is that intimacy is an all-encompassing phenomenon that demands closeness and openness.

To have a happy relationship, you need to embrace all forms of intimacy — physical and sexual, emotional, verbal, and even spiritual if you believe in a higher power.

relationship counselling melbourne west

Your counsellor will give you specific exercises designed to help you boost intimacy, in addition to helping you identify any barriers to better and deeper intimacy. Equally important is the role expectations play in intimacy.

Every person has his or her unique connection style. Some people share intimacy primarily via sex. Others feel closest to their partner when they have deep, probing conversations or when doing everyday activities together. Your counsellor will help you determine what you and your partner need to achieve better intimacy, then will offer you specific tips on how to work toward a model of intimacy that works for both of you.

Bringing Back the Spark after Counselling Many lovers seek help because they feel that much-lauded and ever-evasive spark has left their love life. Long-term relationships are hard work, and the daily drudgery of chores, obligations, conflicts, and disappointments can rob them. Research suggests that couples who pursue novel activities together experience more feelings of magic and romance. They also have more sex.

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With the right attitude, your sessions can feel a lot like your first few dates — a chance to explore the inner workings of someone you admire and respect.

Even solving relationship issues are hard, painful work — as it often is — your counsellor can still help you get back the love and magic you once felt. He or she will cooperate with you to identify your needs, and then the counsellor offers you strategies for more defectively meeting those needs.

Instead, this is a cooperative activity that requires lots of work from you. What else can you do to increase your odds of success?

relationship counselling melbourne west

Focus on the things that matter most. Be honest with your counsellor and with your spouse. Allow your spouse to speak his or her mind. Complete the homework assignments your counsellor gives you.

Actively work to implement the strategies your counsellor suggests.