Russian hockey player quotes relationship

Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby share respect, not friendship |

russian hockey player quotes relationship

What follows is 25 of the greatest hockey quotes of all time. Some are funny After winning Player of the Week, Hall of Famer Larry Robinson offered the following: "Was Wayne Russian machine never breaks." —Alexander. The year-old defenseman grew up playing hockey in Moscow, and of the relationship between the individual and the collective, the player. Hockey Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.

We learned to pronounce Valeri Kharlamov and Vladislav Tretiak. Canadians experienced collective trauma. The dawning awareness that we could lose posed humiliating consequences.

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A national myth would perish. The communist system would triumph, however symbolically. Suddenly, a hockey series prefigured the long-feared climax of the Cold War. The Canadian players took it all on themselves.

Hockey Great Slava Fetisov Featured In 'Red Army' Documentary

Captain Phil Esposito said afterwards he'd "have killed to win. Kharlamov's ankle in Moscow. The Canadians were convinced that the KGB had bugged their hotel rooms, that Soviet apparatchiks had fixed the officiating. Paul Henderson's iconic series-winning goal with 34 seconds remaining averted disaster.

russian hockey player quotes relationship

Meanwhile, something else had happened. Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement The crowds on both sides had become an integral part of the drama.

In Vancouver, fans booed Canada's loss, triggering Mr. Esposito's passionate, sweat-drenched defence of his team. In Moscow, fans observed the stoic decorum decreed by their rulers, yet were astonished by the raucous contingent of Canadian visitors who blew trumpets and shouted opinions.

russian hockey player quotes relationship

Millions of Russians and North Americans watched on television, getting a glimpse into each other's society. We beheld the enemy face to face, and what we saw weren't nuclear missiles but other human beings devoted to hockey. Afterward, the sport changed radically. Shaken by the Soviets' excellence, we revolutionized our game.

russian hockey player quotes relationship

Our reliance on grinding physical play and sheer heart was no longer enough. We put new emphasis on skating, passing and teamwork, moving to the faster, more skilled, more sophisticated style now played everywhere. The cross-fertilization process advanced with the opening up of the NHL to Europeans: Swedes, Finns and Czechs at first, eventually Russians.

The Canada Cup series pitted professionals of several countries against each other: Canada won often, but not always. Finally, inNHL players were allowed to play for their country in the Olympics. The new documentary Red Army provides the broader context of this seemingly singular event as it traces the career of one of the most decorated Russian players of all time: Fetisov was a young member of the Soviet national team who would go on to international fame.

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But even then he was a star. The year-old defenseman grew up playing hockey in Moscow, and while his impoverished family scrimped and saved to pay for his youth programs, Fetisov was eventually accepted into the national training program. Sports and the Soviet Union In the context of the decades-long Cold War, the hockey rink became a battlefield, a testing ground for the validity of competing ideologies and worldviews.

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So it was politics, really. The individualism of the West was pitted against Soviet collectivism, and the scoreboard would show the winner to the world. Our train is going ahead. Catch up if you can!

russian hockey player quotes relationship

It was also part of what you would call propaganda, actually. A war waged within the confines of an ice rink is limited in scale and scope.

russian hockey player quotes relationship

Hockey, as a proxy and even replacement for actual conflict, in this sense becomes the coldest of cold wars. As Tarasov wrote in a preface to Canadian readers in a book, the image of sport as warfare would hopefully give way to the reality of sport as a catalyst for peace.

Tarasov was an innovative genius. He looked to things like chess and ballet for inspiration and applied the lessons learned in these other contexts to hockey. Hockey, for Tarasov, was an art, an art that required creativity and flexibility.

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This emphasis was one of the key distinctions between Soviet and Western, largely Canadian, styles of hockey. For Tarasov, however, the pass represented a way to keep all of the skaters involved and active. Each pass was an opportunity to probe the defense, to put pressure on the opposition, and to exploit any weaknesses.

Tarasov explained an aspect of this in his book: Among overseas players, this function is usually performed by the man who has the puck. But among Soviet players it is the man without the puck—the man who has taken the best position. This means that among overseas hockey players four men depend on one man, while in Soviet hockey one man depends on four. That is why it is more difficult to play against us, because it is harder to look after four men than it is to look after one man.

This was the soul of Soviet hockey under Tarasov. This is the kind of team work we are for—team work which does not preclude, but on the contrary, provides for the complete and free development of talents.