Sap crm business partner relationship models

SAP CRM Business Partner: Grouping, Roles, Relationships

sap crm business partner relationship models

Account Management in SAP CRM consists of almost all business transactions in an organization involve certain stakeholders like employee. Data Model. SAP AG. SAP AG Object modeling Michael Seubert, Thilo Krähmer. Business Partner /. 1. CRM Business Partner - Contents.. Architecture. SAP CRM Business Partner Relationship Category defines the type of Relationship between SAP CRM BP: most used Category (Payer, Bill-To.

sap crm business partner relationship models

I will introduce customer model design in eight SAP products. Hope you can get a most basic understanding about how customer model is designed in these different SAP products. In many SAP products, an unique model is used for both type. In this blog I will only focus on Corporate Account. There are lots of Assignment Block which could be expanded by clicking the small triangle icon: Press F2 to display technical information: Detail technical information for a given assignment block could be displayed in BSP workbench: Open it in work bench and know the address data comes from model node BuilAddress.

The concept Business Object is used in many SAP Product, being a tree consists of several nodes from technical perspective.

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  • SAP CRM Business Partner: Grouping, Roles, Relationships

Parent-child and navigation relationship are modeled in BO. The nodes themselves, those relationship among nodes, and executable action modeled in the nodes, all of those stuff constitute a Business Object. CRM Customer model underlying table: All fields content are displayed in the right area. However for SAP CRM Fiori, in order to support customer data display in a limited size of screen for example mobile accessat a given time only a single dimension of detail data is displayed in CRM Fiori.

Different dimension are switched via drop down list. The gateway server mentioned above is highlighted with red below, while the backend server with blue where OData service implementation is done: There are some other BO in this namespace such as Customer and Employee. Any relatioship among these models? Here we can borrow the concept of Object-oriented programming concept to explain: For other model Customer, Employee and Supplier, some dedicated fields are required, from business pespective Customer model focuses on sales related data like sales area and sales lead, while Employee model should care more about work address, work department and management information.

Those specific fields are modeled in each model seperately.

Brief introduction about Customer Model in eight SAP products

As a cloud solution, it is possible for you to expose Customer model via OData service or web service for third-party integration via very simple steps. For example, you can expose C4C customer data to third party for read access, or enable third party to directly update C4C customer data.

sap crm business partner relationship models

Limitations of those models are reflected during being used by SAP global customers for many years: A consolidated data model for Business Partner is used for all types of partners.

Customer data creation is now centrally done by tcode BP.

Brief introduction about Customer Model in eight SAP products - SAPSPOT

All other creation tcodes from ERP are marked as obsolete now. Once executed, they will be redirected to tcode BP as well.

Simply speaking, every time new API on top of consolidated Business Partner model is called, the data is not only stored in talbe BUT for new model, but also converted and replicated into table of old model as well: Thus Grouping can be considered as a container which holds the Number Range settings While creating a BP, user selects the Grouping Selected grouping identifies the number to be generated If the grouping is using an Internal number range, the business partner number will be auto assigned while saving the Business Partner For the Grouping corresponding to external number ranges ID field can be enabled for user to give a Business Partner number or BP number can be fetched from external system e.

It is possible to assign more than one business partner role to a business partner This means a business partner can be involved in different business transactions with different roles But the general information of the business partner like name, address, etc.

The drop down list shows the available roles that can be assigned to the account. Using the Insert button it is possible to assign new role to a business partner: A connection between two business partners is formed using the "business partner relationships".

sap crm business partner relationship models

This updates all the Business Partners involved in the relations Existing relationship can be modified using the 'Actions' buttons Business Partner Relationship Assignment Block in Web UI It is possible to have a relationship time dependent.

Thus the relationship will be valid for the time frame specified while the creation of this relationship Using the New button in above screenshot it is possible to create new relation: Account Classification SAP CRM provides functionality of account classification using which you can classify your accounts according to any criteria.

This is particularly useful when a large enterprise needs to classify different business areas according to different criteria It is possible to perform search for accounts based upon these classification criterion Account classification is also available as an individual assignment block on the Account page: You can define any number of Criteria and Attributes As per the requirement account criteria can be combined to create Classification Category.

Each classification category can consist of up to 5 criteria and any number of attributes as per the requirement Constituents of account classification are defined in the SPRO customizing There is a helper class associated with each criteria and attribute for the value help as drop down list in the Web UI Criteria definition: