Sith master apprentice relationship tips

A Dynasty of Evil: A Sith Lord Timeline

sith master apprentice relationship tips

Malgus and his Sith rivals viewed his relationship with Eleena as a weakness. of the Sith Lord Tarnis) so they must have had lovers (although said lovers are not mentioned). There was at least one actual exception: Bane's apprentice, Zannah, did To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Master and Apprentice: A Guide to Jedi/Sith Apprenticeships [ Edited ] For those interested in having a Master/Apprentice relationship for. Without the apprentice(s), the Sith Master simply cannot scale. Sith - revenge and subversion over centuries - the master-apprentice relationship was crucial.

sith master apprentice relationship tips

SITH To join the guild you will need to submit an application to a member of the council. To do so, you must approach the Council and announce your desire to become an Apprentice.

After doing so, you are granted the rank of Sith Apprentice.

sith master apprentice relationship tips

If you are already CL 90, you will still accompany the Master until you are eligable to become a Sith Lord. To do so, you must approach the Council and announce your desire to become a Lord.

The next 3 ranks are achieved by training Apprentices of your own: However, whether or not you become a member will be determined by your own combat skills.

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A list of all eligable Masters who want to join the council will be mailed to everyone in the guild, and everyone will be expected to mail their vote to one of the designated permanant council members. The Masters with the top 6 highest number of votes will win the election. The top 6 Masters in the tournament will win the 6 temporary seats on the council. They do not have set terms, and their spots do not become availible again every month like the 6 temporary spots do. The reason for the permanant members is to impartialy govern the process of selecting the 6 temporary members.

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The 6 permanant members of the Jedi council will oversee the election and make sure that the votes are tallied correctly, and the 6 permanant members of the Sith council will oversee and judge the competition. Therefore you should keep in mind that the ambitious apprentice might grow impatient and seek guidance elsewhere if you're not around. The intrigued apprentice are the sort who don't mind being an apprentice for a longer period of time. These are usually fairly patient and like letting the RP play its course, allowing their character to progress in a more natural pace.

Finally there are the stationary apprentices. These are characterized by the player having no particular desire to become a Lord.

sith master apprentice relationship tips

I find that these are usually played by people who have another main character who is already a sith lord, and thus desires to experience both the lord and apprentice experience. As you can imagine some of these apprentice types might related to different master types. Therefore I suggest you match your expectations before hand.

sith master apprentice relationship tips

How busy are you? This factor plays into what I mentioned above. Generally speaking you should make sure that you have roughly the same expectations when it comes to average amount of RP each month, or something like that.

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I generally would not recommend alt character sith masters to take on main character sith apprentices. The reason for this is that apprentices tend to be more dependent on their masters to further their character development, especially if we're talking about the ambitious character archetype.

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On the other hand, you might not mind taking an alt character as your apprentice. However as a master you should remember not to take too many apprentice, or you won't have time to RP with all of them.

sith master apprentice relationship tips

I hope the above will encourage the sith lords in our community to take on apprentices, as well as encourage more people RP as apprentices. If you have anything to ask or add to the discussion feel free to leave a reply.

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