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Solica Cassuto (m. ; div. ). Cindi Knight (m. ). Children, 2. Andy Samuel Griffith (June 1, – July 3, ) was an American actor, comedian, . as a corporal in charge of manual-dexterity tests, marking the beginning of a later they dropped that cousin relationship and talked simply of knowing one. Knotts, as a corporal in charge of manual-dexterity tests, marking the beginning of a lifelong . For eight seasons, they shared a unique father-son relationship on the set and starred His second wife was Solica Cassuto, a Greek actress. His second wife was Solica Cassuto. Both marriages ended in divorce. He married his third wife, Cindi Knight Griffith, in “She and I are.

No awards here Even though the show was a major hit, Griffith was never nominated for an Emmy Award throughout the entire time he was starring on it. Knotts was frequently recognized and nominated for his role — even winning multiple awards! A real test of friendship showed how the boys could be happy for the others success and not be jealous!

They really were friends till the end! Causing a splash The opening credits for the show was probably the most memorable part for most of the audience. Filmed in Franklin Canyon Park, it shows Andy and Opie heading on their way to go fishing while the tune for the show is whistled.

The actor that played Opie, Ronny Howard, was just 6-years old at the time and was unable to throw the stone far enough into the lake. A prop man was deployed as the young actor pretended to throw the rock resulting in a delay in the splash!

A compromising position While filming the show, Griffith and his on-screen partner, Aneta Corsaut, were rumored to have a romance that went beyond the screen. Even though Griffith was married during the show, the rumors quickly spread around. Upon entering he spotted Griffith and Corsaut in a rather compromising position — oops!

It may not have been the reason, but in Griffith went on to divorce his wife of 23 years, Barbara Edwards. Marking the end of an era Riding the success of the show opened the door for Griffith to explore his acting even further.

The show was renewed for another season, but Griffith decided he wanted to pursue a film career instead of continuing with the show. It was one of three to ever do this, including the I Love Lucyn and Seinfeld shows. Reruns of the show were played for a staggering 51 years! The town is said to have been the influence for the fictional Mayberry featured on the show. Sounds like the perfect place for any fan! His most notable performances though were for his Father character in Murder in Texas that saw Griffith get his first and only Primetime Emmy nomination, and his villainous character in Murder in Coweta Country that saw him bring in rave reviews!

Not all hits Unfortunately for Griffith, after leaving his show, not all of his projects were instant hits. To regain success after the decline in ratings of his show Headmaster, Griffith took on a new project. Having guest appearances from his co-stars from his previous show made it confusing for the audience as they were all meant to be new characters. The show was a hit to start but got canceled after just one season. Matlock Following time off of acting due to illness, Griffith was set to make his grand return, and make a return he did!

The show followed Griffith starring as Ben Matlock and was another instant hit with the ratings rocketing sky high. Recent work In more recent years, Griffith slowed down with his acting work.

His last role on a television series was for Andy Griffith Show Reunion: Back to Mayberry inwhich featured the cast all getting back together one final time. His last movie role was in Play the Game in Griffith starred as lead role playing Grandpa Joe and would be his last film credit before his death. The film received average ratings and was unfortunately not the best way for the star to end his career. The two met in and instantly hit it off! Becoming best friends, it was comedian Danny Thomas that gave the pair their own show each, so they had something in common.

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In the original episode of Matlock, Van Dyke made an appearance playing the judge and would go on eleven years later to star with Griffith again. The two were in Diagnosis: Music star Over his years of acting, Griffith also managed to have a relatively successful career in the music industry!

The star released a total of twenty albums, including several Best Of albums over the years. The Best of Andy Griffith in With singing always being an underlying passion of the star, it is no surprise he liked to keep himself busy on the side in between movies! Name calling During Griffith would find himself in court, but for a rather unexpected reason! The name change was done in time for Fenrick to run for sheriff of Grant County in November Fenrick lost the title, and ended up getting slapped with a lawsuit!

The real Griffith accused him of violating trademark laws to get ahead in the election, but the judge ruled in favor of Fenrick! Griffith was no stranger to marriage, and enjoyed it so much he did it three times!

Griffiths first marriage was to Barbara Bray Edwards on August 22, The couple adopted two children, Andy Samuel Griffith and Dixie Nann Griffith, during their relationship, but divorced in Tragically, Sam Griffith died on January 17,at just years old due to complications related to years of alcoholism.

Sam had been suffering from cirrhosis of his liver, as well as other health-related issues. Cassuto was working as a Greek actress, who wed Griffith in The two went on to separate in after just eight years together. The couple lived out their remaining years spending a lot of their time on a acre ranch found in Dare County, North Carolina. The beginning of the health issues During AprilGriffith was devastatingly diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. The disease causes rapid muscle deterioration as the immune system damages the nervous system.

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Contracting the illness meant that Griffith was left paralyzed from the knees down for around three months. After having spent six to seven months in rehabilitation, Griffith was able to go on to make a full recovery. The humor of What it Was, Was Football Years later, on the Tonight Show, no less a source than Bill Cosby would tell Andy Griffith to Andy's great delight that Cosby had performed the monolouge on stage as a young man.

A Face In The Crowd Kazan was known for two things. Kazan is also known for testifying to the House Committee on Unamerican Activities and naming names of fellows artist as communists during Joseph McCarthy's "red scare.

In the film, Rhodes ambitious as well as maniulative nature leads him all the way to a penthouse suite as a young film star. However, the same nature ultimately leads to the destruction of his personal life. There is a hint that Rhodes life will be cyclical at the end. He seems destined to rise greatly again only to be torn down by his own demons. A little town called Mayberry The episode served as what is known in the industry as a "back door pilot" for the Andy Griffith Show.

A back door pilot is essentially when an episode of a possible television show is previewed in another more popular television show. This gives the production company an idea of whether or not to move forward with the show. Griffiths folksy sheriff was of course a hit, and The Andy Griffith Show went into production with Desilu studios run by the legendary Desi Arnaz.

If you guess that the front end of the show had THIS on it, then you would be correct And inThe Andy Griffith show debuted on the air to remind people of the values that they wanted to live by in a time that was challenging them on every level.

Sheriff Andy's wife had died of something is usually referred to as 'Disney sickness' which convienently allows a man to be a single father and the mother to sleep in a near by grave. Comedic actor Don Knotts memorably gave rise to the iconic role of Deputy Barney Fife who was an excitable and manic counterpart to Sheriff Taylor's cool wisdom. Mayberry allowed audiences of the s to think of the simple times and good life that they wanted to live.

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It was a wonderful escapist fantasy from the news stories going on all around them. Against it all, there was Sheriff Andy Taylor telling us that if we would just sit on a front porch, pour a little lemonade, and talk things out like reasonable adults then maybe there could be peace and good harmony in our lives as well.

It never hurt to have a good fishing hole or a big slice of Aunt Bea's homemade pie either. The show also launched and enhanced the careers of not only Griffith and Knotts but also Ron Howard, Jim Nabors and many others.

You just never knew who might be stopping by Mayberry one day. Inafter 8 years and watch the world change around them, The Andy Griffith Show learned the same lesson that Andy himself had on stage. You exit while the crowd still wants more. Andy Griffith left the airwaves for new production while it was still on top, but had more than enough episode to allow re-runs to showcase the talent and folksy wisdom.

That is the thing about the Andy Griffith Show. When it is on, you watch it. It doesn't matter whether it in or today. You take twenty however many minutes and sit down and just watch it.

You do it because it just feels right. You hope that the episode you are going to watch is in black and white.

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But, you watch Andy Griffith because you know its the right thing to do and you will be better for it. And even if you can't whistle, you try the theme song Not Andy's Best Decade It can't be hits all the time and the s was kind of a world that left Andy Griffith. It was actually popular through its 78 episode run but CBS had what is infamously known as its 'rural purge' in and cancelled the series.

Griffith himself could not get another series going. Up untilGriffith had five attempts Well, at least you have to give Andy E for effort even if none of those series warranted a second season.

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In addition, Andy's first marriage feel apart and he got a new wife Andy was married to Solica Cassuto from to It was the s, we all did things that just don't seem quite right.

Their relationship was described diplomatically by Don Knotts as 'rocky' on the Biography special on Andy Griffith. Luckily, Andy did not have 'giving up' in his nature and a role that fit the older, wiser, no longer married to a Greek actress Andy Griffith better.

After his divorce, Andy would marry for the third and final time to actress Cindy Knight.