Torchwood kiss jack ianto relationship

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torchwood kiss jack ianto relationship

This is not a Ianto versus Gwen topic in who you pick this is all about Jack and when Jack revives after his 3 days, he comes upstairs and openly kisses Ianto . by Torchwood, if she became too involved with him and lost her connection to. Ianto Jones is a fictional character in the BBC television series Torchwood, played by Welsh against Jack, but still later when Jack (who cannot stay dead) returns to life, he and Ianto immediately kiss one another. Jack and Ianto's relationship becomes more overt, and Ianto's character becomes less burdened by. Ianto worked as a researcher for Torchwood One, based in Canary Wharf, London. .. Ianto then kissed Jack, Ianto insisted that he did not want a relationship.

Jack slowly made his way over, being careful not to scare or cause any further problems or make the creature fly off or even hurt himself or Ianto at the same time. He continued to look at the creature and Ianto as he continued. Ianto by now had moved closer to the pterodactyl and he threw the chocolate right in front of the creature as it looked at him, then to the chocolate that was before it.

Jack screamed as he fell straight on top of Ianto who had he's hands out looking to catch Jack in them. Both men giggled as Jack was on top of Ianto looking deep into he's eyes, holding on to he's shirt, he's very tight shirt. Ianto looked at Jack, in some ways he liked Jack being on top of him, feeling he's breath on him, the sweat that fell from his face. It was just all so beautiful, he was beautiful. As short lived as the moment came it went as fast as both boys got up off the ground, cleaning the dust and dirt off each other.

Jack watched as he watched Ianto walk away from him. He wondered for one moment.

torchwood kiss jack ianto relationship

A moment that he saw flicker in Ianto's eyes. The spark of love and lust. He smiled as he shouted out to Ianto "Hey Work starts at nine To him, Ianto views the relationship as "serious and committed", as seen in " A Day in the Death " where he tells Owen that it is not just about sex.

torchwood kiss jack ianto relationship

However, from dialogue in " Something Borrowed ", Walker believes that Jack appears to equate his relationship with Ianto to nothing more than a "recreational activity". Walker also notes how important it was for Ianto when he cut in to dance with Jack, as this is the first time that his relationship with Jack is presented before the rest of the crew.

I can't help it, though. I've never been much good at casual. Encountering Ianto's spirit at a haunted location in Wales, Jack and Ianto are permitted a final goodbye. Without Ianto in his life, Jack wishes to be swept up into the Rift as it closes in an attempt at suicide.

Ianto tricks Jack into leaving the House of the Dead, however, despite the possibility of resurrection. As they are forced to part forever by the closing of the Rift, the couple declare their love for one another for the first and last time. Because Ianto's storyline grows out of the reality of the show, "it plays with such genuine sympathy and pathos that Jones's eventual fate is easily the miniseries' most powerful moment.

They compared the death scene to that of Tara Amber Benson in Joss Whedon 's Buffy the Vampire Slayer which he felt was more satisfying, although "unbearably sad" because of its pivotal role in the character arc for Willow Alyson Hanniganand as being "possibly the single most significant event in the whole seven-season series. Den of Geek felt the real tension of knowing any character could die, however popular, was "refreshing" in comparison to impossibly death-defying characters such as 24 's Jack Bauer Kiefer Sutherland.

Ianto Jones

Ianto's death was compared to that of Tara as in the above critiques, but also contrasted to other television series where lesbian and gay couples were able to have enduring relationships, such as Six Feet Under 's David Fisher Michael C.

Hall and Keith Charles Mathew St. Ianto's death can be argued to be a dramatic necessity which adds to character and narrative development. The article intentionally avoided making a definitive conclusion as to which "side" of the argument was correct.

These latter deaths are described as even more heartbreaking than Ianto's, and Young argues that these character deaths tell us more about transatlantic differences in storytelling than about portrayals of sexuality. The website End of Show comments that "writer James Moran was so inundated with messages to his Twitter account that he posted a number of impassioned pleas to tone down the vitriol.

Moran declared the response from other commentators to be unacceptable, describing their conduct as the spewing of insults and "passive aggressive nonsense". He noted that fans had accused him of deliberately trying to "mislead", "lie" and "hurt" them, said that he hated them, was "laughing at them" and "slapping [them] in the face", and claimed that he had "killed the show", had attempted to drive away existing fans to court newer and "cooler" viewers, and had deliberately hurt depressed people "with dark storylines.

Walker herself had felt that the end of Jack's relationship with Ianto could "change the show beyond all recognition. The same reviewer notes that however, "especially when viewed on its own, Children of Earth looks a lot like the same heteronormativehomophobic, biphobic and gratuitous tropes that appear in so many bad representations of queer people in popular culture.

Asked to respond to viewers who felt "cheated" that Jack and Ianto's relationship did not come to fruition, Davies said: That's the point actually.

Both in fiction and in life. When someone dies you lose all that potential. You grieve over everything they could have been.

Jack/Ianto kiss from ep 2x3 To the Last Man

Everything you hoped for them. Everything they might have achieved with their lives, everyone they could have loved. Every job they could have had. Every joy they could have had. The fundraising site states that "Though we, his devoted fans, still hope that he'll come back In the series, he died saving the children of Earth; so it seems fitting to honour his memory by helping the Children in Need.

torchwood kiss jack ianto relationship

John Barrowman described the charity campaign as "a fun way to mourn Ianto" and stated that it was "the kind of thing that's really appreciated". He replied "There's a campaign, because he was a coffee boy. But do you know how many packets of coffee they've received so far?

So I think people writing online might sound like thousands of people, but they are nine.

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What's actually happening is, well, nothing really to be honest. It's a few people posting online and getting fans upset". He also stated that the character was gone for good, and that his resurrection would devalue the "entire plot. There have been nine packets sent. I'm not taking the mickey, but that's a very small number. At the end of the day, I make drama to support each author's vision.

She was still attached to a cyber-conversion unitwhich acted as her life support. Slow DecayTV: Cyberwoman Ianto operated a fake information desk at the entrance to the Hub. He opened the way to Gwen Cooper as she first entered, posing as a pizza delivery girl.

When Gwen was succumbing to the effects of retcon Jack had put in her drink, he deleted all the notes she had made about Torchwood from his computer at the Hub. Everything Changes Ianto's devastation over losing Lisa. Cyberwoman Lisa's Cyberman conditioning slowly won over her humanity.

torchwood kiss jack ianto relationship

She laid siege to the Hub from inside and killed several people, including an innocent pizza delivery girl whose body she appropriated, before being killed by the other members of the Torchwood team. Cyberwoman The other Torchwood personnel appeared at this time to have taken the quietly efficient Ianto for granted. They paid little attention to him before the mayhem started. Ianto was "temporarily suspended from active duty" but returned to work four weeks later.

He described to Toshiko Sato his inability to comprehend the adrenaline rush she and the other Torchwood members shared in the face of danger. Ianto travelled with the rest of his team to the Welsh countryside to investigate a series of gruesome murders.

torchwood kiss jack ianto relationship

The Torchwood SUV was stolen by a group of cannibals that harvested travellers once every ten years. The team followed the cannibals to their village. Right as his team were captured, Jack stepped in and incapacitated the cannibals. The cannibals were arrested by the police. Countrycide Ianto and Jack become closer. Broken Ianto became very sad after Lisa's death. His grief was so intense that he attempted suicide after the ordeal, but was unsuccessful. Because of Mandy 's advices, he tried to connect more with the Torchwood team, and become more active.

This led to him becoming closer with Jack. Broken Ianto named the life knife and gave the resurrection gauntlet the nickname "risen mitten". When Suzie Costello was resurrected by the resurrection gauntlet, she tricked the Hub into lockdown. Despite being cut off, Ianto got a signal for his mobile phone by using the water tower above the Hub as a relay so Torchwood could call for help.

Random Shoes Ianto tries to stop Owen from opening the rift. Although Owen asserted that, with Suzie Costello dead, he was now second-in-command, Ianto displayed authority in Jack's absence that Owen was not aware he had, and even shot Owen in the shoulder to prevent him using the Rift Manipulator. However, as he was shot, Owen succeeded in activating the Rift Manipulator and brought Jack and Tosh back. Captain Jack Harkness Owen's actions had caused cracks in space and time to spread from the Rift.

During this incident, Ianto saw an apparition of Lisa, telling him to reopen the Rift and undo the damage.