Treehouse of horror xxv ending relationship

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treehouse of horror xxv ending relationship

For the continuation series of Halloween specials, see Treehouse of Horror Series. "Treehouse of Horror XXV" is the fourth episode of Season 26, and it is the 25th annual Clown in the Dumps • The Wreck of the Relationship • Super Franchise Me • Treehouse of Horror XXV Episodes with alternate end credits. Reason for Ranking: The segment ends with Homer suffocating Kodos with a . “ The Others,” Treehouse of Horror XXV (Season 26, ) . back Artie Ziff for a throw-off segment about Marge and Homer's relationship. Treehouse of Horror XXV/Appearances . West End Wiseguys in the Dumps • The Wreck of the Relationship • Super Franchise Me • Treehouse of Horror XXV.

Treehouse of Horror XXV

Bart after having his skin removed in Hell class is a reference to his inside-out form from the end of Treehouse of Horror V. Bart's classes parody the following lessons: Long Division; instead of algorithms, Bart stretches and bifurcates a Satyr with an axe. Show and Hell from Show and Tell. Keeping the Yankees in First Place. Quantum Satanics from Quantum Mechanics. The books Bart receives for his The Literature of Hell class, parody the following: Fahrenheitfrom Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury.

At the time of this episode, John Irving is still alive, since the previous authors have already passed away.

Treehouse of Horror XXV/Appearances

Marge 's bumper sticker states "My child is an honor student in Hell" with a satanic star as a symbol. Bart's full name in Hell is Beelzebart, a pun of the name Beelzebub, which is another contemporary name for the devil and the name of the patron demon of gluttony from the seven deadly sins.

Superintendant Chalmers placed Noah Webster in Hell because it angered him when Noah changed the word "theatre" into "theater" in Webster's dictionary. Bart got straight A's, just like "Lisa got straight A's The portal Bart and Lisa use to get back to earth leads them to Mr Burns' office. There is no hope for Bart, as Skinner points out where he will end up. Him made him say WHAT??!! Bart is bored and starts playing round the desks and finds strange writing on one of them. Lisa uses her app to find out what the rune said.

A portal opens up and an arm reaches out and snatches the two kids. They end up…in Hell of course. Lisa not so much.

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The Hell School is quite amusing. You even see another version of the Donut Torture Device in one of the rooms.

treehouse of horror xxv ending relationship

The Mean Girls try to taunt n tease Lisa, but she stands up for herself right away…so they ask her to hang out…as it snows. A cold day in hell when Lisa finally becomes popular. He even has a crush on his teacher, which is OK in Hell. His teacher is really impressed with his evil ideas of torture. But Lisa just wants to go home. Back home Bart begs Homer and Marge to let him return. It is the ONLY time he has been really good at school.

Homer worries the cost…but it is FREE. So back down to Hell Bart goes.

treehouse of horror xxv ending relationship

He assures them that Bart will be nurtured appropriately for his talents. He is a straight A student. Homer is proud of him. Bart graduates top of his class as Maledictorian. I giggled at this episode as it was a complete smorgasbord of Kubrick Films. The dialog and gags are awesome, but you really have to watch it to get the full effect.

The music was quite amazing and fitting too. It opens up with the boys at the Moloko bar, that has a lil different kind of mannequins all over.

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Moog Moe narrates the tale of a group of hoodwinks up to no good, dressed up like Carol Jennings back up dancers. They would have a go at the West End Wiseguys. Dum runs into Marge at the record store browsing through some great records. In the end he announces he is getting hitched to the Blue Bird. Moe does not seem to happy about it. It was the end of the band of Glugs as his management is no longer wanted. So Moog Moe took up the respectable life of a sleazy bar keep.

The doorbell rings and he finds himself being approached by a group of hooligans attempting the same naughty behavior he was up to years prior. They even break his Shmoo. Homer agrees and they head out.

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So they go hit the streets all slow motion like. They set their eyes on a Home Invasion, at Burns Mansion. Eyes Wide Shut…I mean…a Masquerade inside.

treehouse of horror xxv ending relationship

Mr Burns is indeed dressed for the occasion.