Trying new things in a relationship

10 Tips For Encouraging Your Significant Other To Try New Things - The Good Men Project

trying new things in a relationship

You come off as a girl trying to preserve something that few girls have - no, it isn't just virginity, which is important if you can resist the pressure to give in to. No matter how much you love your partner or value your relationship, it's not uncommon to feel a little bored in your relationship from time to. What this means is simply do not try to “plan” your relationship. more things to talk about and even more new things to try in your relationship.

Talk It Down A lot of people are afraid of trying something new because they believe it is going to be terrible or frightening. After all, change is difficult and the unknown is scary. I told them that it would be fine. Thousands of people ride those same coasters each and every day. Nothing has happened to them.

trying new things in a relationship

Talking it down is a great way to help your partner gain confidence. Take the roller coaster example above.

trying new things in a relationship

When attempting to get my partner on the ride, I was forced to tell them how much fun they would have. I talked it up really good.

10 Tips For Encouraging Your Significant Other To Try New Things

Talking it up is a great way to get your partner excited about the activity. It can also help build anticipation and make the activity so much more fun in the future.

trying new things in a relationship

Ease Their Concerns Your partner is afraid of the activity for one reason or another. I found out that my partner was afraid of heights. I gave my partner reassurance and eased their concerns. It is something that you may want to try with your partner in the future. I highly recommend it.

trying new things in a relationship

Praise Your Partner In some cases, telling your partner that you want to try something new is going to sound like an insult. You need to prevent this from happening at all costs. Instead, you should do the opposite. Be sure to praise your partner for the things he or she has done.

Hey honey, you were great. Have you been practising? These are all ways to praise your partner. I use these same phrases all the time and they work exceptionally well. Praising your partner will boost their confidence and make them ready to try something new. Sometimes, I have to force myself to slow down and chill out. This is something that you need to learn as well.

10 Things to Do for a Brighter Relationship

Give them time to think it over. Giving your partner a little thinking time may play well in your favour. In fact, learning how to undertake and complete new tasks is probably something that is extremely exciting and important to you. Trying a new restaurant won't really take much prep work, but still list the steps 1.

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Ask your partner which night he's free, 2. Make a reservation, and 3. But getting a crew together for a vacation in Hawaii? That'll require a bit more planning. So start mapping the basic steps on paper coordinate with other couples to pick a date, research flights, pick a hotel, etc.

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Once you're done, don't just let that paper sit there collecting dust. Put your words into action. Return to your list of goals at the start of each week. Have they changed at all? Then make some amendments.

10 Things to Do for a Brighter Relationship

Cross off your weekly goal since you accomplished it, right? Is there something you should be doing to get closer to your monthly or yearly goal that you haven't done yet? Make sure it's on that week's to-do list.