Who is colin jackson in a relationship with

Colin Jackson: phenomenal athlete who came out at 50 | World news | The Guardian

who is colin jackson in a relationship with

Former athlete Colin Jackson has denied he is gay and has spoken out about the constant speculation over his sexuality. The Welsh ex-hurdler. Mark Foster has revealed that he and close friend Colin Jackson never came to the house and knew my personal relationship, but I never. What about his Relationship.. further said that it's all rubbish. Colin Jackson, a Welsh Former athlete, and a world champion; he represented.

I was tidying the house for you [he laughs]. I was a little apprehensive but years ago I would have been fearful of how I would be judged.

I went to the Attitude awards last month and gave Greg Louganis [the gay American diver and double Olympic champion] an award. I spent time with him and his partner and was backstage with Prince Harry and Kylie Minogue. I have a weird and wonderful life meeting all these people. I had problems with my other half and we had a break from January to April for me to look at myself.

who is colin jackson in a relationship with

I need to be busy. Most athletes are doers. But I needed to look inside. I then lost my dad in June.

who is colin jackson in a relationship with

He knew I was gay but we never talked much. I kick myself because there were so many things I wanted to know because Mum and Dad split when I was We had so many things we never shared. I now want to share my feelings. But it became a huge story. I should have said: I never had a boyfriend.

Is 50 Years Colin Jackson Single? What about his Relationship

But I had sexual experiences with boys. He seemed to possess an invisible switch that turned him from happy-go-lucky off the track to ruthless on it.

who is colin jackson in a relationship with

His close relationship with coach Malcolm Arnold, who he joined at 17 and remained with until retirement inwas also a big factor. Success soon brought riches Jackson had barely dreamed of.

Olympic medallist Colin Jackson announces he is gay | World news | The Guardian

Three years after leaving school he was driving past his old teachers in a Mercedes. He remains the 60m hurdles world record holder. He won silver in Seoul in and was favourite to win gold in Barcelona four years later. But, inhibited by a rib cartilage injury, Jackson — usually clean as a whistle — hit four hurdles in the final and staggered over the line in seventh place.

Olympic medallist Colin Jackson announces he is gay

Jackson has spoken at length of his devastation at missing out. He has covered most major athletics events since for the corporation and appeared on Strictly Come Dancing in He said getting a job with the BBC helped him deal with the anxiety attacks that accompanied the end of his athletics career.

How am I going to live? Jackson also revealed he had struggled with an eating disorder as he battled to lose weight to give himself a competitive edge early in his career. It makes no real sense to me.

who is colin jackson in a relationship with

Jackson claimed his first senior medal at the Commonwealth Games ina silver in the m hurdles. A silver medal at the Seoul Olympics followed and he went unbeaten at the European Championships for 12 years. He set a world record to win gold at the Stuttgart World Championships in and won the world title again in He retired in after finishing fifth at the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham, the 71st appearance for Britain in his career.

who is colin jackson in a relationship with

He has been a BBC athletics pundit and presenter since retirement. Gold medal at the World Championships in Stuttgart in in